Thursday, August 28, 2003

Stupid Nastalgia

Damn my buddy Phrightener for convincing me that I needed a pack of the new Garbage Pail Kids cards. I had collected these little stickers when I was a kid. And it was certainly fun. Now they are back!

Or at least, they are supposed to be back. I couldn't find anyone who had them. I ended up calling the British Papermill (the comic store that has everything) and they had a box of them for $1.25 a pack. So I found myself driving to the other side of town with less than an hour before I had to teach an evening class. Naturally I got stuck in traffic and ended up getting back to work about 15 minutes late.

But, these cards are nice. Each pack contains 3 "big" stickers (which are the the old school style), a foil sticker featuring an original GPK sticker design, and best of all GUM. Four peices of green gum. And it was yummy. I gave a peice to Rotary. She said "tastes like Joe Blow". You know what? It IS Joe Blow. Yummy. Made by tops. And in each bubble gum wrapper is ANOTHER sticker. Those stickers are small and shitty. But hey ... the gum makes up for it.

I got myself two packs, and the kids each one pack. I can't wait to give it to them tomorrow. They are going to love it!!

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