Monday, August 25, 2003

Psychobitch Is a Hacker

Okay, this it too damned funny not to be posted. Observe how Physchobitch owned this access point I was poking at with my KisMac tool.

[17:24:16] Ray Haque: If you named an access point "onefishtwofish" what would yo umake the password?
[17:24:32] Psychobitch (MSN): red fish blue fish?
[17:24:40] Ray Haque: I tried that.  [17:24:50] Psychobitch (MSN): hrm
[17:24:56] Psychobitch (MSN): try variants
[17:24:59] Psychobitch (MSN): or dr suess
[17:25:04] Psychobitch (MSN): or another title by him
[17:25:25] Ray Haque: I haven't tried other titles.
[17:25:48] Psychobitch (MSN): try that
[17:25:54] Psychobitch (MSN): lorax
[17:25:59] Psychobitch (MSN): green eggs n ham
[17:26:02] Psychobitch (MSN): fuck you have a kid
[17:26:05] Psychobitch (MSN): you know em
[17:26:06] Psychobitch (MSN): lol
[17:26:10] Ray Haque: HOLY SHIT.
[17:26:12] Ray Haque: YOU OWNED IT.
[17:26:16] Psychobitch (MSN): YES
[17:26:21] Ray Haque: What the fuck is LORAX???
[17:26:21] Psychobitch (MSN): I OWNED IT
[17:26:29] Psychobitch (MSN): its a dr suess story
[17:26:37] Ray Haque: Hah! The winner, it is you.
[17:26:45] Psychobitch (MSN): sweet
[17:26:55] *Ray Haque gets down on BOTH knees and worships you.
[17:27:09] Psychobitch (MSN): HAH

Wouldn't you know it, I switched my Airport over to use DHCP (I had a manual address) and now I can't reconnect. DAMN!!

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