Thursday, August 07, 2003

Mickey Rourke IS MY HERO!

Day two! After creating my Blog, I played with the template and it broke. I sware I didn't do anything odd to it. Just played with the links at the side, and then KABOOM!, Java Errors.

So I got pissed, and quit. Yet, today it's working again. I feel compelled to write something. Maybe what I am actually thinking today. That's what this shit is really for right?

So I paid my mortgage today. That's a good thing. It means I can continue to live in my house, and call it my house. The mortgage company was a little mad at me. Because I was behind a payment. But now that we are paid up, I guess we can be freinds again. No hard feelings.

Last night Rob and I sat down and watched SPUN, which I had downloaded. Unfortunately, it was the rated cut, not the un-rated I was hoping for. It had also been ripped from a VHS tape and had some little message that kept popping up telling you not to steel it. That sucked.

On the other hand, the quality was really nice, and the files were only 135 megs each. Score. I still get pissed when they bleep words like *pussy*. I mean ... aren't we adults here? Why is it I can't buy a movie where they are allowed to say "pussy". Dumb. So I love the movie, and I didn't care that it was edited. Rob was on the edge of his chair the whole flick. I think he loved it almost as much as I did. I'll be buying it in a few days from Amazon. Can't wait to see the UN-RATED version.

And now I should go teach my class. Since I have a student staring at me.

One more thing though, I WANT an iBook! I don't know why. They look damn neat. And they seem to run OS-X pretty well. I would love to have one of the little clamshells to drag around with me. Especially at work, like when I am stuck in the Zero temperatures of the server room, because there are classes running. And I have nowhere to put my ass down.

Oh well. She's looking at me.

I should go teach. They pay me for that.

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