Friday, August 08, 2003

Fridays Are Good

Ah, Friday. I should like Fridays more. Because it generally means I do not teach a class. That means I can come into work, and play with the webpage, or start another project that I will struggle to finish in a single day.

Today I have decided I will try to finish up changes for our corporate web page. I tried to be marketing kind of person and make some little photo-ad's about our night classses ... but I hate them. I think I will make new ones. But first, I need a CLEAN install of XP on a LARGE hard drive.

I have been getting by with a 3 gig drive for a while now, but after loading XP, service pack, and an assload of photo editing tools, I have no room left on the drive. So here I am starting over with a 13.5 gig drive to carry around. Should work dandy ... once i get all my crap re-installed to it. :-/

I can't complain too bitterly. This is a good Friday. There was coffee when I came in! Usually, there is no coffee. No students, no coffee gets made (unless you count decaff, I don't).

I still want an iBook. My obsession is growing. Rotary cleaned up my basement mess yesterday, and not once told me I am a dirty pack rat. Although I am sure she cursed me while cleaning up and neatening my piles of shit. I need to dig through it, find what is usable, and sell it on eBay. Do I have 300 some dollars worth of shit? Hardly. Maybe $100 total, after nickel and diming it all. But still, that's a third of an iBook.

My plan is to get an iBook for $0 by selling stupid shit on eBay I know it's possible. I just need to dig up the right stupid shit, and market it well with good descriptions.

Only 10 more minutes to go with the install on my new drive. I should go gather up all the crap I am going to dump on it.

Stereotypical Blog Stuff follows:
My Mood: The same (I'm always 56% cheery, 22% obsessed, 22% asleep)
Todays Photo Editor: Ulead PhotoImpact (cracked trial)
Todays HTML Editor: Now, and always *NOTEPAD*
Todays Musical Influence: Hands Around My Throat - Death In Vegas, and Mark of The Beast Cover - Zwan

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