Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Google Market Account Banned (Happy Thanksgiving)

Well, congratulations to all of you assholes who went through the trouble of downloading my applications only to flag them, and/or leave retarded comments such as "Flagged". I'm not sure why people feel the need to play policemen (or policewomen, or in the case of Cashelle, police-transexual), but consider yourselves a special breed of asshole and take this day to congratulate yourself between your bible readings, hating of gays, and watching recorded episodes of Fox and Friends on your DVR. THIS ... is YOUR day.

By the way ... you are aware that for $25, I can be right back at this? And I can easily make $40 a day in advertising revenue, per application. But hey, enjoy this moment. Because I am going to take some time off to enjoy the holiday and work on some all new and ultra-offensive applications - just to piss you off.

In the new year I will be working on getting some new applications on the MiKandi market (which allows mature content) and I will be restoring all of my old apps there to bring them back to life. Be sure to check out my stuff there.

In related news ... Google now has content ratings to ensure that you are targeting your applications to the right audience. The categories are "All", "Pre-teen", "Teen", and "Mature". That would indicate that you can create applications with mature content, right? Wrong! All the same guidelines apply that applied before. So if your application contains something to do with gambling, it should be rated mature. But only play-gambling. Not real gambling. And if your application deals with adult-ish content, it should be rated mature. Just make sure it has nothing to do with pornography, nudity, or ... anything sexual. Yeah. I don't get it either!

Look for an update here soon folks, and HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL YOU TURKEYS!