Friday, September 28, 2007

The Update
My old boss called me this morning. It was good to hear from him. I hadn't spoken to him since I left my old job. That was now sixth months ago. I know, because a day or two ago I got a shot in the arm. It was my six month Hepatitis B vaccine.

I had left my old boss a message last week wanting to talk about off-site electronic backups. It was something that he does pretty well, and having worked for him I all ready know how far below the competitors margins he is when it comes to "cost per gigabyte of off-site storage". Of course he is offering a slight discount to the former employee, which I have graciously accepted. None of this will go down until next year, as we are just planning on how we will spend the hospitals capital budget for 2008. But enough about that.

A few nights ago I was driving out to pick up my son. I took the bug. That's right. I'm rolling VEE-DUB style. That's a long story, but here's the synopsis. 1) The engine went in 2) It wouldn't start, and leaked a TON of oil 3) The engine came out, and I found a mistake that I had made when installing the oil cooler 4) The engine went back in, and wouldn't start 5) After much adjusting of the valves - it fired up ... and hasn't stopped running since.

Anyway, while driving out on that cool autumn night I thought, "this is nice". And it is nice. I love my little house. I love my busy job. I love walking out at night and hearing *nothing*. I like sitting on my high speed Internet connection. I love my kids new schools. They love their new friends. Moving here -- was a life changing event (a good one of course).

Monday my wife goes to take a test. It will determine what she has to study to earn her GED. She'll be in class a few nights a week earning her Diploma. When that is done, I will likely try to slip back to school myself. I am now eligible to start taking college courses, which will be paid in full by the hospital. Nice benefit.

In general, LIFE IS GOOD. :-)

Some People Need Punched In The Face
This blog wouldn't be any fun if I just sat around and told you about how great life is. So I think it makes good sense to drop a rant in here.

Recently, a wise assed college goer stepped up to microphone at a public speaking event, and asked John Kerry something really insulting. Apparently, security did not find the humor in his smart-assed remarks, and moved in to storm the verbal assailant. The student seemed to know what was going to happen next. He begged and pleaded not to "tased" with the taser gun. Men everywhere covered their eyes in sheer disgust of his sissie-ness. What happened next was a long, brutal, and *probably* unnecessary use of extreme violence. While the attendees of the event shrieked in horror, and begged the security folks to leave him alone - the comments of the video (once posted online) were more of the "LOL!" variety.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not some Nazi that condones this kind of violence from underpaid and under trained security staff. Yet, I am compelled to root for the guy holding the taser. This punk thought he could run to the podium, insult the public speaker, and not have to tolerate the feedback for his remarks. He was mistaken. Perhaps the feedback was a bit harsh. But that's the cost of being a total douchebag.

Yet - maybe we need more action like this. It seems that there needs to be a better feedback system for voicing rude comments. Stepping up to the podium at a public rally for this young gent' was apparently not the time or place. But what is the right time and place?

What about the idiots we "elect" into power? Democracy has gone to the dogs, and you know it. Once they are elected, they are seemingly protected from any negativity. If you show up to a rally holding a sign that says "THE SENATOR IS A FUCKING TOOLBAG", you would be dismissed. So, only those with polite things to say are invited. But when do the nay-sayers get to step up and voice a complaint? Let's say you buy a product such as Windows Vista, and it's SO bad that you are completely insulted for having paid any amount of money for it? Too bad. You can call the corporation and tell them why you hate it, but they will hang up on you. They don't have to tolerate that.

I think what this society lacks, is the open ability to show up and punch someone in the kisser. A lot of problems would be solved, and quickly.

A few days ago, someone left a note on my wifes car. It must have been a response to our bumper sticker which reads, "What would Buddha do?". The note read something like, "Buddha is dead and rotting in the ground. Jesus rose from the dead. He's alive. Duhhh". Leaving a note on the windshield of a car ... to disagree with a bumper sticker ... is a most sad, pathetic, and cowardly act. While it's intended to serve a joke, I am a Buddhist. I would love to have discussed religious matters with this individual. But alas, they were a complete, and total pussy. Akin to the thousands of cowardly, idiot losers who hide in their bedrooms posting to online forums. Or serving in public office beyond layers of lackluster security. What they need, is a good solid punch in the face. I know, I know. I'm a Buddhist, and I shouldn't condone such violence!

Instead, let me address that coward here in my blog. It's the best way I know to reach someone, who obviously didn't want to talk to me about it.

Dear cowardly, church-going fool ...

Not everyone believes that Jesus rose from the dead. Some of us find the whole "ghost emerging from the cave" story a little hard to swallow. Which, is understandable. If I were to say, "well just the other day, I buried my dead grandfather ... but he just won't stay dead ... he came right back!" ... I would have to be sent to a psychologist. Please also keep in mind, that your religious beliefs are all you have ever known, and will likely remain all you know. Try to educate yourself on other world belief systems to better prepare yourself for our next debate.

Additionally, let me serve you an extra large helping of irony-pie (with cream on top). The Buddha was just an ordinary guy. He was pretty clear about spreading what he considered to be "the truth". One of these truths is that all of us will eventually die. He included himself in this theory. He in fact, considered himself to be pretty average. To remind me that he is rotting in the ground, reinforces that you know nothing about the founding principles of Buddhism.

The Buddha must have suffered a lot of criticism from folks like this. They walk around so sure of themselves. Never looking outside of what they have been lead to accept, all the while questioning their "faith". Why would God put me through this? Thank God for giving me that promotion! I want to thank God for giving me this day! That my friend, is what I find crazy. Buddhists don't operate on faith. We accept that we are in control of our own actions. We are nice to people because being nice to people makes them feel good (not because we are trying to score points for heaven). Or rather, if you are a Theravada Buddhist - you are nice to people because it makes YOU feel good. :-) We don't neaten up once a week and confess our sins, because we aren't doing anything that requires forgiveness. If we were to go out and do something awful, we would have to live with the awful consequences. We call this system "karma". You should look into it.

But you won't. You will continue to go to church, talk about how angry you are about anyone who doesn't agree with you, and leave notes on peoples cars.

If you ever grow up, and decide to accept being a responsible and accountable person - please come talk to me.

There, that's all that needed said. I don't expect that they got the message. But perhaps one of you church-going "leave notes on windshield" types will get to read this, and will understand my message.

Or maybe you just need a good punch in the face?

Historic Comments
I guess you'll just have to let the poor bug run out of gas before you can fix that pesky "won't quit running" problem. :D
Hello | 10.03.07 - 4:37 pm | #

Funny you should say that. I did let it run out of gas last week. It wouldn't stay running one morning and after much thought I realized that I hadn't filled up in two weeks. Turns out when I replaced my gas tank, my fuel sending gauge either didn't go in correctly or needs some adjustment. I had to loot the "mower can" to get it to the gas station. Woops!!

Ray Dios Haque | 10.03.07 - 9:16 pm | #

Hey Ray!
Its so good to see that things are going well with you.

I too am sick of the zealots that make up much of American society. You see it in everything people want to thank the magic man in the sky for everything and seek answers as to why he made them sick or took away Uncle Ernie.

If only you could really communicate with the loser who left your wife that note instead of posting it where he or she will never see it.

Rich | 10.09.07 - 2:41 pm | #

Good to see you are still alive.
bird603568 | Homepage | 10.15.07 - 3:13 pm | #

Its amazing that with all the positivity in your life you can still dwell on something so stupid as a hillbilly leaving a note on your windshield.
Johnny Fist | Homepage | 10.17.07 - 8:14 am | #