Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cracking the "DROID CODE"

Recently, the folks at Verizon/Droid started airing a new Droid X commercial featuring a couple of astronaut types exploring some sort of moon-like base. It's pretty creepy and cryptic - and it ends with an obvious clue around frame 0:59.
The code is "JXYDAQWQYD". Some clever folks over at Droid Life figured out that there is a place to put these codes on the website. When you enter this code into the box, you get the "transmission log" from the astonauts. Pretty neat.

Is there more to the code itself? It seems like a really easy crypt of some sort so I got out some scrap paper and tried to reverse it. The code actually says "THINK AGAIN". And with that - I made a simple letter chart. What you will find is that the words that they chose to reveal the code actually leave letter gaps and made it VERY easy to crack. Here is a letter chart which you can use to perhaps crack "future codes".

I have to assume that there is more to the "secret page" so I started looking for additional clues. The page iteself drops some interesting word clues such as "Shaefer" (who must be the unfortunate astronaut whose cracked and damaged helmet they pass). And also some numbers in the form of an energy blast that passes the new crew (+240, +46, +0). It seems like GPS coordinates so I tried my luck at that and didn't get very far.

Google maps took me to a place in in the UK called "MotorSolve". I didn't think it was at all related. But the address of the place is 64 Cecil St. One of the astronauts in the commercial is wearing a helmet with his ID of "C-64" stamped on the side. This could be a far stretch. Perhaps I am conspiring too much. ;-) Also, I have been at this all morning and I need to shower now.

If anyone can find other codes that work - share your findings with me!