Thursday, August 28, 2003

Stupid Nastalgia

Damn my buddy Phrightener for convincing me that I needed a pack of the new Garbage Pail Kids cards. I had collected these little stickers when I was a kid. And it was certainly fun. Now they are back!

Or at least, they are supposed to be back. I couldn't find anyone who had them. I ended up calling the British Papermill (the comic store that has everything) and they had a box of them for $1.25 a pack. So I found myself driving to the other side of town with less than an hour before I had to teach an evening class. Naturally I got stuck in traffic and ended up getting back to work about 15 minutes late.

But, these cards are nice. Each pack contains 3 "big" stickers (which are the the old school style), a foil sticker featuring an original GPK sticker design, and best of all GUM. Four peices of green gum. And it was yummy. I gave a peice to Rotary. She said "tastes like Joe Blow". You know what? It IS Joe Blow. Yummy. Made by tops. And in each bubble gum wrapper is ANOTHER sticker. Those stickers are small and shitty. But hey ... the gum makes up for it.

I got myself two packs, and the kids each one pack. I can't wait to give it to them tomorrow. They are going to love it!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Miscosoft Sucks My Balls

I am generally pretty nice about my feelings with Microsoft. I like Windows 2000 and XP a lot. They work very well, and have some nice features. They have come quite a long way with their desktop operating systems. However, their server products SUCK SHIT. Here is a perfect example. Observe exhibit B.

You are seeing the message filtering tab of the all new Microsoft Exchange Server 2003. This product sucks shit. Do you see anything missing from that photo there? I do. How about a CONTENT FILTER. So when I start getting a billion viruses rolling in with the same subject line, I can BLOCK the damned things. Oh sure, they have included the ability for third party vendors to write plug-ins that you can use! Why the hell couldn't the geniuses at MS just include that feature? I can go out and download about 7 different FREE mail products that do a far better job.

Microsoft, you suck. And you SHOULD be ashamed.

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Monday, August 25, 2003

Psychobitch Is a Hacker

Okay, this it too damned funny not to be posted. Observe how Physchobitch owned this access point I was poking at with my KisMac tool.

[17:24:16] Ray Haque: If you named an access point "onefishtwofish" what would yo umake the password?
[17:24:32] Psychobitch (MSN): red fish blue fish?
[17:24:40] Ray Haque: I tried that.  [17:24:50] Psychobitch (MSN): hrm
[17:24:56] Psychobitch (MSN): try variants
[17:24:59] Psychobitch (MSN): or dr suess
[17:25:04] Psychobitch (MSN): or another title by him
[17:25:25] Ray Haque: I haven't tried other titles.
[17:25:48] Psychobitch (MSN): try that
[17:25:54] Psychobitch (MSN): lorax
[17:25:59] Psychobitch (MSN): green eggs n ham
[17:26:02] Psychobitch (MSN): fuck you have a kid
[17:26:05] Psychobitch (MSN): you know em
[17:26:06] Psychobitch (MSN): lol
[17:26:10] Ray Haque: HOLY SHIT.
[17:26:12] Ray Haque: YOU OWNED IT.
[17:26:16] Psychobitch (MSN): YES
[17:26:21] Ray Haque: What the fuck is LORAX???
[17:26:21] Psychobitch (MSN): I OWNED IT
[17:26:29] Psychobitch (MSN): its a dr suess story
[17:26:37] Ray Haque: Hah! The winner, it is you.
[17:26:45] Psychobitch (MSN): sweet
[17:26:55] *Ray Haque gets down on BOTH knees and worships you.
[17:27:09] Psychobitch (MSN): HAH

Wouldn't you know it, I switched my Airport over to use DHCP (I had a manual address) and now I can't reconnect. DAMN!!

KisMac Owns Me

MacStumbler was fun, but KisMac is KICK-ASS. Problem is that I am discovering access points in passive mode with this utlility. The good side of that is that I am a ghost to these networks, that don't really know I am eating their packets from the air. The bad news is that once I flip my airport card back into "normal" mode, these networks don't seem to exist. Perhaps I have to manually add them after I know the "WEP Encryption Key".

My goal, is to eventually crack the key to an access point up the street from my home. This will allow me to lay in bed, and borrow bandwidth from someone up the street. That would be nice. Unfortunately, cracking the encryption key will take hours, days, maybe weeks. Only time will tell. I figure I will just set up my lappy before bed every night and let it crack away. ;-)

This iBook is turning out to be a better war driving tool than I had imagined!! I also read today that I can flip my display into a very toned down "monochrome" display by holding down CTRL+ALT+APPLE+*. Then your display doesn't glow like a polish church when you are driving around with it in the dark trying not to look suspicious.

People Are Ugly

I just need to get this off my chest. I am apologizing in advance for those who might actually read this. What the fuck is up with our civilization? I look around and see how strange people look. Wouldn't you think that after all these years of evolution people would begin to look alike? I was out thrift shopping with Rotary over the weekend. Looking around I suddenly became aware that I was surrounded by freaks. Jesus. I mean, people can be so fucking ugly. I'm sure we all have different ideas about what ugly is exactly. But sometimes I feel like I am trapped inside a bad episode of Star Trek.

Freddy Wins, No Jason! No FREDDY! - Rotary and I saw Freddy VS Jason over the weekend. I was pretty amused. Growing up, I watched about every Nightmare on Elm Street film 30 times. Big Freddy fan. Jason ... I don't know. Jason was this giant killing machine. He had no personality to speak of. But I am proud to say that New Line has brought back the horror movie. It started out with a montage of 'the creation of Freddy', complete with scenes from other Nightmare films. Right. Lame. But then we are taken to a scene at Crystal Lake, where Jason is chasing a naked broad through the woods, and eventually nails her to a tree with his hatchet. And the blood came out like a fountain. That was fun. But there was BOOB's! I couldn't believe it. As a child, horror movies always had boobs, teen sex, drinking, you name it. Horror movies of the late nineties all went for that PG-13 appeal, and sucked ass.

There was so much "you can't do that" kind of behavoir, that my faith is restored in horror movies. I was glad to see a new director doing this stuff too. Wes Craven has taken the Freddy character too seriously in the past few Nightmare films. Freddy was best when he could roll off one liners while he slashed somebody. Welcome back Freddy! Story wasn't too bad either. I mean, no awards to be handed out here. But there was an actual plot that made nice use of both characters.

Anyhow, I have a student again. I better teach now. More later!!

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Wardriving Expedition

Did I go a few days? I guess I did. In case anyone cares ... I got my iBook! It was a bit disappointing because it was *not* the model I bid on. I bid on a 366 and I got a 300. It was supposed to have 64 megs of RAM, it had 32. It was supposed to have a 10 GB hard drive, and it had 3 GB. Did I mention the battery is dead?

Aside from all that, it works really nicely, and it's in superb condition. So I can't complain too much. It works. I still haven't left feedback on the girl who sold it. I need to email her and tell her she fucked me over, but I am not angry with her. She openly admitted she didnt know a whole lot of anything. And I bought it anway.

So Discount Man and I went wardriving tonight. I had the iBook perched in my lap, and MacStumbler running. And of course a power inverter (no battery juice) to keep us running. In Rob's lap was his dog, and a bag of raisons. We hit the jackpot in access points tonight. Finding around 25 just within a mile or so of my home. Feast your eyes upon this glorious log sample ...

I quickly learned that I didnt have the first clue how to browse Windows file shares from a Mac. Woops. We also learned that people get pretty fucking paranoid when they come home at 1:00AM and find two guys sitting outside of their home looking suspicous. We were followed around by some heroic individual in a red pickup, who followed Discount Man into a dead end loop. Discount Man then turned the tables by turning the loop quickly, cocking the wheel, and trapped the man between his truck, and a parked car. It was quite a maneuver. He made me proud. The man in the red pickup then stared at us looking a bit ghosted out. Discount Man observed that this man was chasing us around with his kid riding shotgun, and blabbing on his cell phone.


Okay, so who knows what the fuck he was doing. But if he suspected we were crooks of some kind, why the fuck did he chase us down with his KID in the car. This is how people end up getting shot in the face. Fucking hero. Anyhow, after Discount Man skated away we couldn't decide if we should go home, or head out to campus to double up our logfile.

So we went home. Because I had to sit down and fucking learn how to browse window shares with OS X. In the end it was much simpler than what I was doing (using the unix command line samba client). Next time we go war driving we will avoid the man in the pickup, and probably do it in daylight hours. People get too paranoid at this time of night .. or morning I geuss it is. Shit! I need to go to bed.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

iBook Saga Continues

The question of the day is, "where in the world is Ray's iBook"? Somewhere in the Postal Service. That is certain. Nobody is home today, and we should *NOT* get any packages. But Rotary scared me a little last night when she says "there was two guys delivering our mail today". So ... what if we have a *different* mail carrier, did the message get passed on?

Needless to say, she instilled some fear into me. So I am going to drive home between classes to check my step for packages.

Rotary is out in Amish country today, with the kids and ... her dad. For those that don't know my wife, she has never had a strong relationship with the man. Nor have I. About 10 years ago, he gave us both a pretty stern warning about my present wife leaving his home at such an early age. We ran off together anyhow. This I am sure has never sat well with the man. But why now, after 8 years of marriage, has he expressed interest in our family? I hate to be the one to imply that there is an alterier motive ... or question his actions. But, what if he is terminally ill?

Maybe I am overthinking this. Perhaps he just wants to lay something to rest. I'm all for that. I was afraid Rotary would live the rest of her life waiting for her dad to express that he is proud of what she has done with her life. Getting some encouragement from your father never hurt anybody, even if it comes a little late. Lord knows I have had relatives in my family (definitely not my parents) who cursed my 'youthful relationship'. I could give a shit less what they think about us now that we have 'made it' as a family.

Pizza is good. Escpecially free pizza. I love Wednesdays at the office. Gotta go now, need some more fat chow!

Tuesday, August 19, 2003


Me: Guess what came in the mail today?
You: Your iBook?

This is really sucking. I now have a stick of memory, an airport card, and my bootleg copy of OS-X. Where the hell is that iBook? If it arrives tomorrow, no-one will be home so the mail lady is holding onto any packages that may come until Thursday. If it's not here by Friday, I will start to get worried!! :-o

Today I start a new A+ Night Track. It should be pretty fun for all of us since it's new materials and all. This time I actually have an Instructor kit! I like those, because these books we use are sometimes loaded with bullshit that I would rather not cover. Now I can tell my students safely, "we are not covering this stuff because it's NOT on the test".

In fact, I should like ... read through the new materials right quick and prepare for class eh?

Monday, August 18, 2003

House of LAME

Rotary and I watched House of 1000 Corpses last night. Eeek. She had wanted to see "head of state" with Chris Rock. I wasn't really feeling like a Chris Rock comedy, so she asked is I had heard anything about this Rob Zombie movie. I had actually heard it was "good" by several people on TV. I thought it was pretty awful. There were great attempts made to make a modern horror movie that looked like a a classic horror movie. But ... it sucked.

I liked the characters. You had a twisted redneck clown who ran a spooky sideshow shop, along with also selling gas and chicken. He was entertaining. And there was the young half naked chick who was extremely evil and had a strange sinister laugh. She had some lines something to the effect of "when things need dead, I kill them". Or something like that. Otherwise, it was an empty story, and really stupid visuals. And the visuals were supposed to be the entertainment. Boooo.

Rotary fell asleep, and I don't blame her. I ended up turning down the volume, so I could go to sleep without hearing the all the screaming. I guess I will never know how it ends. I bet everybody dies. Yay.

Next time, I will just listen to my wife and get the Chris Rock movie.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

Delay In Shipment

I got word back from my auctioner' with the iBook. She says she got it shipped, but then NYC was shutdown with a power loss and the post office was close almost two full days. So she figures it will come some time early next week. Blah.

We went and saw the Hulk. Well, the first hour anyway. It fucking sucked. When it comes out on video, I am going to go buy a copy and then shit on it. After an hour we had seen the hulk one time for less than two minutes. I could care less about this hopeless story full of bad baby flashbacks, warm moments with Nick Nolte, and really bad comic book style fade-aways. No thanks. Plus some asian lady came and sat next to me with her retarded hyper active kid and her husband who had no volume control. So we left.

Bye. I think me and Rob are going to work on his aunts webpage. Or something.

Where's My Stuff?

Morning all ready? This coffee ain't kicking in fast enough. And where is my stuff at? I know that it's barely possible that it would arrive so soon, but I want my stuff. What sucks is that I will be getting my iBook and all it's parts halfway through the week when I will be busy teaching days and nights.

I want it now! While I still have some of that weekend time.

We're going to go see the Hulk today. The whole fam-damily. It ought to be fun. We're hoping the PG-13 won't be too much for Bella. But hell, even if we had to get up and leave the movie is only a buck. Andy is now begging me to come play DK-64, so I'll be back later.

Unrated Spun

I'm so happy, I finally got the un-rated version of the movie spun. And the quality was very nice. The file download took several hours though, and I sware I was getting teased. It was telling me I had 25 minutes left for about an hour and a half. Even when I was at 99 percent, the time remaining was just lingering. I love Bit Torrent downloads.

Now I am downloading "Panther". Its the latest MacOS (after Jaguar). It doesn't seem to be released, so I am not sure exactly what I am getting. And it will likely take a day or two to get the whole set (little more than a gig). I need to go to bed. G'night!!

I hope my Mac parts start showing up soon. It really sucks waiting by the mailbox, hoping I don't get ripped off.

Musical Inspiration : Kid Rock - Balls In Your Mouth

Friday, August 15, 2003


I am screwed up this morning. I swallowed down a sinus pill last night which cleared me right up. But then I went home and wanted a beer. Which was no problem. Didn't kill me. Usually if I drink even a single beer with that shit in my system I wake up feeling dead. Instead I woke up at 6:45 in the morning ready to bounce off the walls. Weird. The sinus stuff does make me a little hyper, but that is usually right after I take it. Hours later I just crash.

I also had a bad thought this morning. What if my iBook had no CD-ROM? I was thinking I could burn some stuff to install, like Office v.X which I "aquired" last night. But did that unit have a CD-ROM in it? What if it was like DM's OLD lappy, and even the floppy drive is external??? But I checked, it's all good. Don't get me wrong, I like DM's old lappy. Its tiny. ABout 1 inch thick when you shut it. But it has NOTHING in it. And it's a pain in the ass to reload.

Luckily my iBook will be large and bulky. I like them that way. I either want some hug ass laptop with a good sized screen, or a pocket PC. Nothing inbetween, you know?

Man, I need to get some work done. I can't just sit here all day. Well, okay ... so I could just sit here all day. But really, I have to get stuff ready for a new class I start next week. A+ again! Wheee!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Watch that cable!

Note To Self: When installing a service pack, don't bump the power cord.

All right, so my student never showed up. You knew that would happen. As luck has it, I had stuff to get done at the office. So I did a little bit of updating, wiped out some virus's, etc.

I came home, and began working on Discount Man's Sony VAIO. I got it running again a few nights ago after removing the dead BIOS Battery. It hasn't booted up in several years. In fact, on his desktop was an icon for Napster. Yay! We poked through his Internet cache laughing at some old websites, and then we decided to trash the Windows 98 install, and put 2000 on.

After several hours of dicking around, I was able to get the lappy to boot with Network support for a PC card I had laying around. This Vaio has no CD-ROM, so you have to get the install files to it over the network. Sucks. I got Windows 2000 installed while I went off to work earlier, and now its just time to update. BUT ... I left my service pack 4 CD in a server (I was updating it). So I downloaded it on the lappy (which took fucking forever). And then while it was installing, I kind of powered the lappy off. Ouch.

Needless to say I royally fucked up that install. It was torn between two different versions of the OS. So here I am starting over. All I can say is DM - YOU OWE ME A HANDJOB FOR THIS!!!

Momma Told Me Not To Come

Okay, so here I am at 5:00PM by myself. This is not good. I am waiting on my one single student to show up. This night track ends tonight. My student has called off 3 times now for this class. This is her graduation night. I have a certificate for her and everything? WTF?

I kind of bothers me because this is all I have to do at the office today. I decided to come in earlier anyway, and run some updates on the servers. I patched a few against this moronic BLASTER virus, although they are immune sitting behind my firewall. But if she doesn't show up, I am going to feel like a fool. I might as well stayed home, you know? And I don't want to stay home. I want to come here and WORK. So when they pay me I can say "yes! I worked this week!".

This just sucks.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Ray Wins an iBook

After many long days of lurking on eBay, Ray finally gets himself an iBook. I set my eyes on something nice around 1:00PM or so, that had a starting price of $399 and a buy it now price of $499. I was very willing to pay $400 for it, but not $500. At $400 I am getting a Blueberry iBook, 366 Mhz, 10GB hard drive, and 64MB of RAM. I know what your going to say. "Ray, what the fuck are you going to do with 64MB?". I found that the RAM for these things are dirt cheap. So I set my sights on a model with a low amount, knowing I would have to buy more. So I also bought up a stick of 128 for 15 bucks (free shipping). The auction for the iBook ended right around 1:00AM, with ME being the SOLE bidder on it (thank God). I was not looking forward to competing with someone over it. I had also planned, and executed my plan of dropping a bid with about 1 minute left. Just in case someone else had the same idea, I dropped a bid amount of $450 out there (which I was praying I would not have to pay).

I can't wait to get my dirty mitts on this thing. I also couldn't resist getting the optional (but required in my mind) AirPort WiFi card. Yes, this little blue devil will also serve as a wardriving machine. While the Airport card is completely internal, and there is nowhere to attach a cantenna, the entire notebook serves as an antenna. These units are internally wired to accept this card. So basically, you are a wandering antenna with these things. I have also all ready stumbled (no pun intended) onto a slew of war driving tools for OS-X. Such as "MacStumbler". Which has a nice simple Interface, and uses a probing mechanism to discover access points. There are others that are a bit more subtle, and require no trace unless you chose to "send some activity".

This should be fun. With any luck, all my pieces and parts will come without a hassle. It is eBay afterall, and you "never know". The girl I bought the iBook itself from had great feedback, and seemed very nice. She e-mailed me right after the auction thanking me. And I am sure she was happy that I paid for it immediately after winning. I always appreciate when people do that for me. I hate wondering "when is this asshole going to fucking pay me".

I need to go make breakfast. You wait here, I'll post later.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Bidders Suck

Yesterday I sold TWO of my junky items. My retail copy of BeOS sold for $30, and my copy of Windows 3.11 with DOS went for $20. Not bad for software I never use but have been holding onto. Now I am ready to bid on an iBook, but these little fuckwits keep driving the bids up!!

I had my eye on this one. It's only got a 3 gig hard drive, but 288 of RAM and an Airport card installed. But damned if these newbie eBay weenies didn't run it well over what it was worth. Damn them all to hell. So now I have my eye on a different one. It has 32mb more RAM (320) and a 6 gig drive in it. So ... if I can get this one for 400 bucks, I'm still doing well. I have a little less than 2 hours left on it.

Wish me luck!!

Monday, August 11, 2003

I Smell Good

I am following last night plan rather well. Other than, instead of sitting around doing nothing, I did some work on the web page and even made up some new marketing catch phrases for the company. I have got to get this thing finished. The longer I spend getting it done, the longer I have to look at the site as we have it now ... and I hate it now.

So I washed up and I smell nice. I like not being stinky. Although there is a certain satisfaction to smelling bad. I'm not sure if that's a guy thing or not. As a child I remember being quite amazed at the awful smell the human body could produce just from being unwashed for about 24 hours. That kind of thing never gets old.

Today Rotary and Aunt Tanya are taking the kids to the fair. Which is good. We haven't really taken them out to do much lately. Especially Bella. I never miss getting out, but I know Rotary does, and I am sure the kids do too. Although Andy complained having to leave his freind from across the street for a couple of hours. They are best buds and all.

I should get upstairs and wait for the girls to get back from Kohls so we can leave right away. I need to get into work.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Spaced Out

Another day went by and I am just now waking up. *shaking off a dumb look* Where the hell did the weekend go? I think I sat here almost all day at my computer screwing around with my laptop, trying to turn it into a war driving Linux machine. Unfortunately, my lame ass D-Link card works just as well in Linux as in Windows (not well at all). Didn't I start this project yesterday when Rob was over? Okay, for the record, here is a project I will never finish. I should start keeping count for the day I can afford a shrink and he asks me how many projects I have started, and never seen through to completion. Tally up!!

I should be happy that I have nothing on my agenda tomorrow until evening class. So I can sleep in, sit around the house, and not even shower for work until I begin to offend myself with my body odor. Perhaps I will wait until I am offended, and then add about an hour, and then shower. Yes, that's my plan.

One more thing to say. Because I am not really speaking my mind, and that is what this journal is supposed to do. Open you up. So here is the most interesting thought I have had today. Driving home from BlockBuster (I rented a movie for me and Rotary to watch) I spotted a couple perched on the top of a pickup truck in a movie theater parking lot. They looked utterly bored, silent, but content. They were just sort of clinging onto each other staring across a vacant parking lot, watching the sun go down. Probably blowing time before showtime at the cinema. But I remember that feeling. Wondering what the hell you were going to do next in this relationship. The feeling of loving that person, but questioning "what is next for us?". I just gawked for a few moments, and went about my way thinking of something I hadn't thought about in a long time.

It made me feel good, because I had doubts that Rotary and I would make it. We came to a point in our relationship where we were at a stand-still. Something we often joke about. We would go to a dollar movie. Go to the Waffle House, go to Meijers. It was routine. So we pushed things forward and moved in together. From that point forward we imagined a goal. To get married, and perhaps start a family. Thank God we did.

The young couple looked happy. And I hope they make it through that point in their relationship. I think everyone hits that point. Its the point of no return in a relationship. When you run out of things to do, and then you really find each other. That's where the love for one another really begins.

Saturday, August 09, 2003

Titans Win, Ray Loses

Rotarys team just won. Yes, the Titans beat the Browns. That is good, because she likes the Titans. This was a pre-season game though, and I guess that doesn't count. I learned that today. Pre-season games are "just for fun". Seems kind of pointless to me. But I guess Football is just an amusement sport, right? Pre-game hype or something.

I put a bunch of shit on eBay today. It was nearly a days work. I forgot how long it takes to write all the descriptions, fill in all the details, take pictures and upload them, etc. Where did my day go?

Rob is over now. On his laptop. He's happy because he is leeching my bandwidth. He hasn't had Internet access in a week or two now since they can't seem to get cable hooked into his new home. And here I sit downloading RedHat. I don't even like RedHat. I hate it. I hate that it either works nicely, or not at all. I tend to like to struggle along to get things functional. But ... I have a driver in binary form for which there is no source. And I want to try and get my WiFi NIC working in *nix. That will improve my wardriving experiences.

Yah, so seeya' later. I am sleepy, and kind of slap happy. Rob is talking to his ass every time he farts, and I can't stop laughing over it.

Men Suck

And I'll tell you why. Last night I crawled into bed with Rotary. It wasn't really late, but she was tired from cleaning all day. I was tired because I had gotten up eariler than I had in two weeks. Seeing that I headn't heard from Rob I didn't figure he would be coming over. So we're in bed, preparing to crash ... and Rob calls.

Him and Chuck are bored and lonely, and they want to come play. It's only 10:00PM. I really wanted to just sleep. But I really did feel guilty blowing them off. Rob knew I was in bed, so he said "maybe I will see what we're doing after Chuck drops me off at home". So I asked Rotary, "you want to hang out with Rob and ChucK"? I think she was up for it.

Rob calls back ten minutes later and explains that he decided not to come over, because he had to drive a couple of hours in the early morning to help a friend move. I am fine with that, because I really wanted to sleep anyway. So Rotary, now wanting to be up and doing something asked if I wanted to go get a movie. I really didn't. I just wanted to return to the original plan of sleeping. But, I am sure that I upset her.

I understand why, and I felt like a dick. I was awake enough to play with my freinds, but not my wife. It really wasn't like that at all. I really was glad they cancelled on me. But I completely understand what she was thinking. So she went downstairs and watched a movie by herself, and I slept a wrestless night waking up every ten minutes looking for her. Now I have a skull aching headache. Fuck.

She says I owe her a movie. She's right.

I should go help her clean Mrs. Isabella's bedroom, which is a FUCKING DISASTER.

Friday, August 08, 2003


Hooray! So I have finally made a comment thing that works! Now people can come to my Blog, read it, and then use my comment script to call me a loser.

For my next trick I will make Rotary a STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKE like she made for me earlier. Because they are so #DADE!!! MMMMMMMmmmm! Yah.

Please 2 Comment, K-THX!

Fridays Are Good

Ah, Friday. I should like Fridays more. Because it generally means I do not teach a class. That means I can come into work, and play with the webpage, or start another project that I will struggle to finish in a single day.

Today I have decided I will try to finish up changes for our corporate web page. I tried to be marketing kind of person and make some little photo-ad's about our night classses ... but I hate them. I think I will make new ones. But first, I need a CLEAN install of XP on a LARGE hard drive.

I have been getting by with a 3 gig drive for a while now, but after loading XP, service pack, and an assload of photo editing tools, I have no room left on the drive. So here I am starting over with a 13.5 gig drive to carry around. Should work dandy ... once i get all my crap re-installed to it. :-/

I can't complain too bitterly. This is a good Friday. There was coffee when I came in! Usually, there is no coffee. No students, no coffee gets made (unless you count decaff, I don't).

I still want an iBook. My obsession is growing. Rotary cleaned up my basement mess yesterday, and not once told me I am a dirty pack rat. Although I am sure she cursed me while cleaning up and neatening my piles of shit. I need to dig through it, find what is usable, and sell it on eBay. Do I have 300 some dollars worth of shit? Hardly. Maybe $100 total, after nickel and diming it all. But still, that's a third of an iBook.

My plan is to get an iBook for $0 by selling stupid shit on eBay I know it's possible. I just need to dig up the right stupid shit, and market it well with good descriptions.

Only 10 more minutes to go with the install on my new drive. I should go gather up all the crap I am going to dump on it.

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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Pizza Is Good

Dude, pizza is so fucking good. I got home and Rotary and I ordered Papa Johns. It hit the fucking spot. Now I dont want to sleep. But shit, I need to actually go to work early tomorrow so I dont get stuck at the office late on a Friday afternoon.

I'm going to go lay down with the redhead upstairs. Yeah, Rotary dyed her hair. It's mad secksie. I want to take pictures of her, which I am sure she would not enjoy. I think she hates this color. But d00d, it's mad hot.


Mind Racing?

Sometimes I wonder what the hell these sinus pills do to me. They sure take away my headache in this nasty stormy weather. And I can breathe much easier. But ... I feel like I am on speed here. What the hell do they put in this shit?

I will probably be up until 3:00AM again. Thanks a lot Tylenol Sinus.

Mickey Rourke IS MY HERO!

Day two! After creating my Blog, I played with the template and it broke. I sware I didn't do anything odd to it. Just played with the links at the side, and then KABOOM!, Java Errors.

So I got pissed, and quit. Yet, today it's working again. I feel compelled to write something. Maybe what I am actually thinking today. That's what this shit is really for right?

So I paid my mortgage today. That's a good thing. It means I can continue to live in my house, and call it my house. The mortgage company was a little mad at me. Because I was behind a payment. But now that we are paid up, I guess we can be freinds again. No hard feelings.

Last night Rob and I sat down and watched SPUN, which I had downloaded. Unfortunately, it was the rated cut, not the un-rated I was hoping for. It had also been ripped from a VHS tape and had some little message that kept popping up telling you not to steel it. That sucked.

On the other hand, the quality was really nice, and the files were only 135 megs each. Score. I still get pissed when they bleep words like *pussy*. I mean ... aren't we adults here? Why is it I can't buy a movie where they are allowed to say "pussy". Dumb. So I love the movie, and I didn't care that it was edited. Rob was on the edge of his chair the whole flick. I think he loved it almost as much as I did. I'll be buying it in a few days from Amazon. Can't wait to see the UN-RATED version.

And now I should go teach my class. Since I have a student staring at me.

One more thing though, I WANT an iBook! I don't know why. They look damn neat. And they seem to run OS-X pretty well. I would love to have one of the little clamshells to drag around with me. Especially at work, like when I am stuck in the Zero temperatures of the server room, because there are classes running. And I have nowhere to put my ass down.

Oh well. She's looking at me.

I should go teach. They pay me for that.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I Made a Blog

So I made a Blog. I feel so trendy. Now I have a place to lay down my thoughts for perfect strangers to come read. I wonder if anything I have to say is actually important enough to be read by others.

Gee, I hope that sounding modest is the trendy thing to do. I had better go consult other Blogs and make sure I am doing the right thing here. I think I am also supposed to complain bitterly about people, and how much the world sucks. You know the type.

Maybe my sarcasm will kick into gear sometime later.

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