Monday, August 18, 2003

House of LAME

Rotary and I watched House of 1000 Corpses last night. Eeek. She had wanted to see "head of state" with Chris Rock. I wasn't really feeling like a Chris Rock comedy, so she asked is I had heard anything about this Rob Zombie movie. I had actually heard it was "good" by several people on TV. I thought it was pretty awful. There were great attempts made to make a modern horror movie that looked like a a classic horror movie. But ... it sucked.

I liked the characters. You had a twisted redneck clown who ran a spooky sideshow shop, along with also selling gas and chicken. He was entertaining. And there was the young half naked chick who was extremely evil and had a strange sinister laugh. She had some lines something to the effect of "when things need dead, I kill them". Or something like that. Otherwise, it was an empty story, and really stupid visuals. And the visuals were supposed to be the entertainment. Boooo.

Rotary fell asleep, and I don't blame her. I ended up turning down the volume, so I could go to sleep without hearing the all the screaming. I guess I will never know how it ends. I bet everybody dies. Yay.

Next time, I will just listen to my wife and get the Chris Rock movie.

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