Monday, August 11, 2003

I Smell Good

I am following last night plan rather well. Other than, instead of sitting around doing nothing, I did some work on the web page and even made up some new marketing catch phrases for the company. I have got to get this thing finished. The longer I spend getting it done, the longer I have to look at the site as we have it now ... and I hate it now.

So I washed up and I smell nice. I like not being stinky. Although there is a certain satisfaction to smelling bad. I'm not sure if that's a guy thing or not. As a child I remember being quite amazed at the awful smell the human body could produce just from being unwashed for about 24 hours. That kind of thing never gets old.

Today Rotary and Aunt Tanya are taking the kids to the fair. Which is good. We haven't really taken them out to do much lately. Especially Bella. I never miss getting out, but I know Rotary does, and I am sure the kids do too. Although Andy complained having to leave his freind from across the street for a couple of hours. They are best buds and all.

I should get upstairs and wait for the girls to get back from Kohls so we can leave right away. I need to get into work.

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