Saturday, August 23, 2003

Wardriving Expedition

Did I go a few days? I guess I did. In case anyone cares ... I got my iBook! It was a bit disappointing because it was *not* the model I bid on. I bid on a 366 and I got a 300. It was supposed to have 64 megs of RAM, it had 32. It was supposed to have a 10 GB hard drive, and it had 3 GB. Did I mention the battery is dead?

Aside from all that, it works really nicely, and it's in superb condition. So I can't complain too much. It works. I still haven't left feedback on the girl who sold it. I need to email her and tell her she fucked me over, but I am not angry with her. She openly admitted she didnt know a whole lot of anything. And I bought it anway.

So Discount Man and I went wardriving tonight. I had the iBook perched in my lap, and MacStumbler running. And of course a power inverter (no battery juice) to keep us running. In Rob's lap was his dog, and a bag of raisons. We hit the jackpot in access points tonight. Finding around 25 just within a mile or so of my home. Feast your eyes upon this glorious log sample ...

I quickly learned that I didnt have the first clue how to browse Windows file shares from a Mac. Woops. We also learned that people get pretty fucking paranoid when they come home at 1:00AM and find two guys sitting outside of their home looking suspicous. We were followed around by some heroic individual in a red pickup, who followed Discount Man into a dead end loop. Discount Man then turned the tables by turning the loop quickly, cocking the wheel, and trapped the man between his truck, and a parked car. It was quite a maneuver. He made me proud. The man in the red pickup then stared at us looking a bit ghosted out. Discount Man observed that this man was chasing us around with his kid riding shotgun, and blabbing on his cell phone.


Okay, so who knows what the fuck he was doing. But if he suspected we were crooks of some kind, why the fuck did he chase us down with his KID in the car. This is how people end up getting shot in the face. Fucking hero. Anyhow, after Discount Man skated away we couldn't decide if we should go home, or head out to campus to double up our logfile.

So we went home. Because I had to sit down and fucking learn how to browse window shares with OS X. In the end it was much simpler than what I was doing (using the unix command line samba client). Next time we go war driving we will avoid the man in the pickup, and probably do it in daylight hours. People get too paranoid at this time of night .. or morning I geuss it is. Shit! I need to go to bed.

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