Wednesday, August 20, 2003

iBook Saga Continues

The question of the day is, "where in the world is Ray's iBook"? Somewhere in the Postal Service. That is certain. Nobody is home today, and we should *NOT* get any packages. But Rotary scared me a little last night when she says "there was two guys delivering our mail today". So ... what if we have a *different* mail carrier, did the message get passed on?

Needless to say, she instilled some fear into me. So I am going to drive home between classes to check my step for packages.

Rotary is out in Amish country today, with the kids and ... her dad. For those that don't know my wife, she has never had a strong relationship with the man. Nor have I. About 10 years ago, he gave us both a pretty stern warning about my present wife leaving his home at such an early age. We ran off together anyhow. This I am sure has never sat well with the man. But why now, after 8 years of marriage, has he expressed interest in our family? I hate to be the one to imply that there is an alterier motive ... or question his actions. But, what if he is terminally ill?

Maybe I am overthinking this. Perhaps he just wants to lay something to rest. I'm all for that. I was afraid Rotary would live the rest of her life waiting for her dad to express that he is proud of what she has done with her life. Getting some encouragement from your father never hurt anybody, even if it comes a little late. Lord knows I have had relatives in my family (definitely not my parents) who cursed my 'youthful relationship'. I could give a shit less what they think about us now that we have 'made it' as a family.

Pizza is good. Escpecially free pizza. I love Wednesdays at the office. Gotta go now, need some more fat chow!

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