Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Bidders Suck

Yesterday I sold TWO of my junky items. My retail copy of BeOS sold for $30, and my copy of Windows 3.11 with DOS went for $20. Not bad for software I never use but have been holding onto. Now I am ready to bid on an iBook, but these little fuckwits keep driving the bids up!!

I had my eye on this one. It's only got a 3 gig hard drive, but 288 of RAM and an Airport card installed. But damned if these newbie eBay weenies didn't run it well over what it was worth. Damn them all to hell. So now I have my eye on a different one. It has 32mb more RAM (320) and a 6 gig drive in it. So ... if I can get this one for 400 bucks, I'm still doing well. I have a little less than 2 hours left on it.

Wish me luck!!

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