Saturday, August 16, 2003

Delay In Shipment

I got word back from my auctioner' with the iBook. She says she got it shipped, but then NYC was shutdown with a power loss and the post office was close almost two full days. So she figures it will come some time early next week. Blah.

We went and saw the Hulk. Well, the first hour anyway. It fucking sucked. When it comes out on video, I am going to go buy a copy and then shit on it. After an hour we had seen the hulk one time for less than two minutes. I could care less about this hopeless story full of bad baby flashbacks, warm moments with Nick Nolte, and really bad comic book style fade-aways. No thanks. Plus some asian lady came and sat next to me with her retarded hyper active kid and her husband who had no volume control. So we left.

Bye. I think me and Rob are going to work on his aunts webpage. Or something.

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