Saturday, August 16, 2003

Unrated Spun

I'm so happy, I finally got the un-rated version of the movie spun. And the quality was very nice. The file download took several hours though, and I sware I was getting teased. It was telling me I had 25 minutes left for about an hour and a half. Even when I was at 99 percent, the time remaining was just lingering. I love Bit Torrent downloads.

Now I am downloading "Panther". Its the latest MacOS (after Jaguar). It doesn't seem to be released, so I am not sure exactly what I am getting. And it will likely take a day or two to get the whole set (little more than a gig). I need to go to bed. G'night!!

I hope my Mac parts start showing up soon. It really sucks waiting by the mailbox, hoping I don't get ripped off.

Musical Inspiration : Kid Rock - Balls In Your Mouth

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