Saturday, August 09, 2003

Men Suck

And I'll tell you why. Last night I crawled into bed with Rotary. It wasn't really late, but she was tired from cleaning all day. I was tired because I had gotten up eariler than I had in two weeks. Seeing that I headn't heard from Rob I didn't figure he would be coming over. So we're in bed, preparing to crash ... and Rob calls.

Him and Chuck are bored and lonely, and they want to come play. It's only 10:00PM. I really wanted to just sleep. But I really did feel guilty blowing them off. Rob knew I was in bed, so he said "maybe I will see what we're doing after Chuck drops me off at home". So I asked Rotary, "you want to hang out with Rob and ChucK"? I think she was up for it.

Rob calls back ten minutes later and explains that he decided not to come over, because he had to drive a couple of hours in the early morning to help a friend move. I am fine with that, because I really wanted to sleep anyway. So Rotary, now wanting to be up and doing something asked if I wanted to go get a movie. I really didn't. I just wanted to return to the original plan of sleeping. But, I am sure that I upset her.

I understand why, and I felt like a dick. I was awake enough to play with my freinds, but not my wife. It really wasn't like that at all. I really was glad they cancelled on me. But I completely understand what she was thinking. So she went downstairs and watched a movie by herself, and I slept a wrestless night waking up every ten minutes looking for her. Now I have a skull aching headache. Fuck.

She says I owe her a movie. She's right.

I should go help her clean Mrs. Isabella's bedroom, which is a FUCKING DISASTER.

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