Thursday, August 14, 2003

Momma Told Me Not To Come

Okay, so here I am at 5:00PM by myself. This is not good. I am waiting on my one single student to show up. This night track ends tonight. My student has called off 3 times now for this class. This is her graduation night. I have a certificate for her and everything? WTF?

I kind of bothers me because this is all I have to do at the office today. I decided to come in earlier anyway, and run some updates on the servers. I patched a few against this moronic BLASTER virus, although they are immune sitting behind my firewall. But if she doesn't show up, I am going to feel like a fool. I might as well stayed home, you know? And I don't want to stay home. I want to come here and WORK. So when they pay me I can say "yes! I worked this week!".

This just sucks.

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