Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Ray Wins an iBook

After many long days of lurking on eBay, Ray finally gets himself an iBook. I set my eyes on something nice around 1:00PM or so, that had a starting price of $399 and a buy it now price of $499. I was very willing to pay $400 for it, but not $500. At $400 I am getting a Blueberry iBook, 366 Mhz, 10GB hard drive, and 64MB of RAM. I know what your going to say. "Ray, what the fuck are you going to do with 64MB?". I found that the RAM for these things are dirt cheap. So I set my sights on a model with a low amount, knowing I would have to buy more. So I also bought up a stick of 128 for 15 bucks (free shipping). The auction for the iBook ended right around 1:00AM, with ME being the SOLE bidder on it (thank God). I was not looking forward to competing with someone over it. I had also planned, and executed my plan of dropping a bid with about 1 minute left. Just in case someone else had the same idea, I dropped a bid amount of $450 out there (which I was praying I would not have to pay).

I can't wait to get my dirty mitts on this thing. I also couldn't resist getting the optional (but required in my mind) AirPort WiFi card. Yes, this little blue devil will also serve as a wardriving machine. While the Airport card is completely internal, and there is nowhere to attach a cantenna, the entire notebook serves as an antenna. These units are internally wired to accept this card. So basically, you are a wandering antenna with these things. I have also all ready stumbled (no pun intended) onto a slew of war driving tools for OS-X. Such as "MacStumbler". Which has a nice simple Interface, and uses a probing mechanism to discover access points. There are others that are a bit more subtle, and require no trace unless you chose to "send some activity".

This should be fun. With any luck, all my pieces and parts will come without a hassle. It is eBay afterall, and you "never know". The girl I bought the iBook itself from had great feedback, and seemed very nice. She e-mailed me right after the auction thanking me. And I am sure she was happy that I paid for it immediately after winning. I always appreciate when people do that for me. I hate wondering "when is this asshole going to fucking pay me".

I need to go make breakfast. You wait here, I'll post later.

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