Saturday, August 09, 2003

Titans Win, Ray Loses

Rotarys team just won. Yes, the Titans beat the Browns. That is good, because she likes the Titans. This was a pre-season game though, and I guess that doesn't count. I learned that today. Pre-season games are "just for fun". Seems kind of pointless to me. But I guess Football is just an amusement sport, right? Pre-game hype or something.

I put a bunch of shit on eBay today. It was nearly a days work. I forgot how long it takes to write all the descriptions, fill in all the details, take pictures and upload them, etc. Where did my day go?

Rob is over now. On his laptop. He's happy because he is leeching my bandwidth. He hasn't had Internet access in a week or two now since they can't seem to get cable hooked into his new home. And here I sit downloading RedHat. I don't even like RedHat. I hate it. I hate that it either works nicely, or not at all. I tend to like to struggle along to get things functional. But ... I have a driver in binary form for which there is no source. And I want to try and get my WiFi NIC working in *nix. That will improve my wardriving experiences.

Yah, so seeya' later. I am sleepy, and kind of slap happy. Rob is talking to his ass every time he farts, and I can't stop laughing over it.

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