Sunday, August 10, 2003

Spaced Out

Another day went by and I am just now waking up. *shaking off a dumb look* Where the hell did the weekend go? I think I sat here almost all day at my computer screwing around with my laptop, trying to turn it into a war driving Linux machine. Unfortunately, my lame ass D-Link card works just as well in Linux as in Windows (not well at all). Didn't I start this project yesterday when Rob was over? Okay, for the record, here is a project I will never finish. I should start keeping count for the day I can afford a shrink and he asks me how many projects I have started, and never seen through to completion. Tally up!!

I should be happy that I have nothing on my agenda tomorrow until evening class. So I can sleep in, sit around the house, and not even shower for work until I begin to offend myself with my body odor. Perhaps I will wait until I am offended, and then add about an hour, and then shower. Yes, that's my plan.

One more thing to say. Because I am not really speaking my mind, and that is what this journal is supposed to do. Open you up. So here is the most interesting thought I have had today. Driving home from BlockBuster (I rented a movie for me and Rotary to watch) I spotted a couple perched on the top of a pickup truck in a movie theater parking lot. They looked utterly bored, silent, but content. They were just sort of clinging onto each other staring across a vacant parking lot, watching the sun go down. Probably blowing time before showtime at the cinema. But I remember that feeling. Wondering what the hell you were going to do next in this relationship. The feeling of loving that person, but questioning "what is next for us?". I just gawked for a few moments, and went about my way thinking of something I hadn't thought about in a long time.

It made me feel good, because I had doubts that Rotary and I would make it. We came to a point in our relationship where we were at a stand-still. Something we often joke about. We would go to a dollar movie. Go to the Waffle House, go to Meijers. It was routine. So we pushed things forward and moved in together. From that point forward we imagined a goal. To get married, and perhaps start a family. Thank God we did.

The young couple looked happy. And I hope they make it through that point in their relationship. I think everyone hits that point. Its the point of no return in a relationship. When you run out of things to do, and then you really find each other. That's where the love for one another really begins.

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