Thursday, August 14, 2003

Watch that cable!

Note To Self: When installing a service pack, don't bump the power cord.

All right, so my student never showed up. You knew that would happen. As luck has it, I had stuff to get done at the office. So I did a little bit of updating, wiped out some virus's, etc.

I came home, and began working on Discount Man's Sony VAIO. I got it running again a few nights ago after removing the dead BIOS Battery. It hasn't booted up in several years. In fact, on his desktop was an icon for Napster. Yay! We poked through his Internet cache laughing at some old websites, and then we decided to trash the Windows 98 install, and put 2000 on.

After several hours of dicking around, I was able to get the lappy to boot with Network support for a PC card I had laying around. This Vaio has no CD-ROM, so you have to get the install files to it over the network. Sucks. I got Windows 2000 installed while I went off to work earlier, and now its just time to update. BUT ... I left my service pack 4 CD in a server (I was updating it). So I downloaded it on the lappy (which took fucking forever). And then while it was installing, I kind of powered the lappy off. Ouch.

Needless to say I royally fucked up that install. It was torn between two different versions of the OS. So here I am starting over. All I can say is DM - YOU OWE ME A HANDJOB FOR THIS!!!

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