Thursday, December 29, 2011


It's been ages, and I mean ages since I have blogged anything. Mostly because I have nothing to share that anyone would want to read. I have somehow managed to fill my days and nights cooking, cleaning, doing home improvement projects, and sleeping. As for spare time at work - I don't have any. I am too busy working. But as I am wrapping up work orders that I have had for months and my phone is not ringing, I am feeling a slight sigh of relief.

I suppose I could work on my Android projects, but they aren't really making me much money any more, and I have for the most part abandoned them. I had high hopes that PVault would do better in the MiKandi market. But after a few attempts to revitalize and update the app, I am not really seeing any reward from it. Some of the worst apps I have ever made still bring me the most money. And for the record, we are talking about a few cents a day. ;-)

I have been looking into streaming media players to replace my Wii as my primary Netflix device and it looks like I will probably be buying a Roku sometime soon. Yesterday I noticed that they have a development kit and it got me excited about the possibilities for building my own "channels" for streaming content. But I'm not sure I have the desire to run out and learn an entirely new language so that I can pay someone to stream my content to the masses - and then wonder if advertisers are ever going to pay me.

So hey, Ray is still alive and well. And he may (or may not) be thinking of new things to do with this site to justify the hosting fees.