Monday, August 25, 2003

KisMac Owns Me

MacStumbler was fun, but KisMac is KICK-ASS. Problem is that I am discovering access points in passive mode with this utlility. The good side of that is that I am a ghost to these networks, that don't really know I am eating their packets from the air. The bad news is that once I flip my airport card back into "normal" mode, these networks don't seem to exist. Perhaps I have to manually add them after I know the "WEP Encryption Key".

My goal, is to eventually crack the key to an access point up the street from my home. This will allow me to lay in bed, and borrow bandwidth from someone up the street. That would be nice. Unfortunately, cracking the encryption key will take hours, days, maybe weeks. Only time will tell. I figure I will just set up my lappy before bed every night and let it crack away. ;-)

This iBook is turning out to be a better war driving tool than I had imagined!! I also read today that I can flip my display into a very toned down "monochrome" display by holding down CTRL+ALT+APPLE+*. Then your display doesn't glow like a polish church when you are driving around with it in the dark trying not to look suspicious.

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