Monday, August 25, 2003

People Are Ugly

I just need to get this off my chest. I am apologizing in advance for those who might actually read this. What the fuck is up with our civilization? I look around and see how strange people look. Wouldn't you think that after all these years of evolution people would begin to look alike? I was out thrift shopping with Rotary over the weekend. Looking around I suddenly became aware that I was surrounded by freaks. Jesus. I mean, people can be so fucking ugly. I'm sure we all have different ideas about what ugly is exactly. But sometimes I feel like I am trapped inside a bad episode of Star Trek.

Freddy Wins, No Jason! No FREDDY! - Rotary and I saw Freddy VS Jason over the weekend. I was pretty amused. Growing up, I watched about every Nightmare on Elm Street film 30 times. Big Freddy fan. Jason ... I don't know. Jason was this giant killing machine. He had no personality to speak of. But I am proud to say that New Line has brought back the horror movie. It started out with a montage of 'the creation of Freddy', complete with scenes from other Nightmare films. Right. Lame. But then we are taken to a scene at Crystal Lake, where Jason is chasing a naked broad through the woods, and eventually nails her to a tree with his hatchet. And the blood came out like a fountain. That was fun. But there was BOOB's! I couldn't believe it. As a child, horror movies always had boobs, teen sex, drinking, you name it. Horror movies of the late nineties all went for that PG-13 appeal, and sucked ass.

There was so much "you can't do that" kind of behavoir, that my faith is restored in horror movies. I was glad to see a new director doing this stuff too. Wes Craven has taken the Freddy character too seriously in the past few Nightmare films. Freddy was best when he could roll off one liners while he slashed somebody. Welcome back Freddy! Story wasn't too bad either. I mean, no awards to be handed out here. But there was an actual plot that made nice use of both characters.

Anyhow, I have a student again. I better teach now. More later!!

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