Monday, September 01, 2003

Did you see it move?

I think it moved. Nope. Wait, it moved. Nevermind.

Cracking WEP is a pain in the ass. Especially when your neighbor just doesn't use his access point at all. Why did the bastard WEP encrypt it if he never even runs any traffic to it. He might as well let me have a turn. So here I am brute forcing it, and freezing up on the attack. Blah!

Tomorrow is work again. Yay. It was nice having a 3-day weekend. But I am now doing the math and realizing that I will be working day and night all week, but only getting bonus cash for two days. Because it will take two of my four evening night classes to make up my 40 hour week. I don't get bonus until after the 40 hours are reached. Rip off.

There should be an easier way to crack this damned access point. I think I will go searching for something else to play with.

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