Monday, September 08, 2003

My Tax Dollars At Waste

So I have waited several days ... probably a week to hear from this idiot that bought my PDA, only to return it and DEMAND his money back, along with shipping both ways. Naturally, I told him to bite me, and promise not to refuse this package when it comes back to him. Finally I get word from him, and this is what he says.

I am on social security and I just pai $111.00 for lawn mower prepare. I need money. Send now.

I guess this is where I drop to me knees and give in. I have taken advantage of some poor old man who can't afford lawnmower repairs. Yeah. Instead of feeling sorry for this guy I am angry that my tax dollars are keeping this dumbass alive. I think social security should be done differently. You should get to selectively pick out the old people you want to keep alive, and then the rest will be assasinated and mass buried. And why would you pay $111.00 to repair (I'm sorry, I meant 'prepare') a lawnmower, when you can get a new lawnmower for $100.00.

I got the balls this weekend to take apart my iBook battery. It was really easy. I thought it would be tougher to get into after reading all these warnings about how horribly dangerous they are. All it took was a twist and a snap of the wrist and it fell into two pieces. And here they are now.

These things are made up of 8 long Sony batteries labled 18650. This is a popular size used in laptop batteries of all makes and models. But ... the doesn't seem to make them any cheaper. I found one guy selling pairs of them for about $12.99. So I could remake this for about $52. Not bad. Thats about the cost of a worn out used battery. Or, I found another guy selling them in packs of 4 for 14.99. Unfortunately, he only sells them in bulk. I asked him to quote me a price on two packs of them, and he comes back with $58. He also makes no guarantee that they will hold any kind of a charge. Gee. No thanks.

Lastly, I found that one of my favoruite junk vendors, All Electronics corp. is selling what looks like a two pack of batteries molded together for $5.00. While that would be the cheapest route, I have no idea if they would fit in my case, or work. I think I will leave that idea alone. These things explode easily. And they release toxic burning chemicals. Not cool.

I really should be studying today shouldn't I? But damn, I just feel hung over. Fucking sinus stuff. Feels like an infection. Ick. My eyes are just swollen. Ugh.

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