Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Ray Named Moderator

Yes, this is headline news. I have been named a moderator for by those in power (namely Kevin Rose). For those of you who don't know what thebroken is exactly, it's an Internet based, downloadable show featuring Kevin Rose, and his buddy Dan.

If you watch tech TV you may recognize Kevin as "the Dark Tipper", who makes guest appearances on several shows and covers 'shady topics' in the IT world. It was a real pleasure chatting with Kevin via instant messaging. And after speaking with me, and collecting my phone number he honored me with the title of Moderator.

So now, Kevin, Dan, and I will be watching the forums closely. The goal is to keep them from getting out of hand in abuse, and also removing any lameness. What lameness you may ask? How about this topic ...

Poll: Are you a newb?

That translates to "are you a new-bee", or a "new user" to IT in general. Do we have a need for this? Jesus. DELETE. Last night, I axed this thread.

How do you get someone to open your trojan?

In other words, how do I send someone a backdoor, or a trojan horse program and convince them to open it. Again, LAME. DELETE. Just when I think I am abusing my power all ready, I see that the other admins are even tougher than I am on the posters. So I don't have to feel bad. Although I did message Kevin on this one. I suggested I reply to the topic with "If you find yourself a real woman, she'll tear the package open with her teeth". You know, like "Trojan condoms". Get it? Kevin laughed. He said, "post that and then close it!". Alas, I had all ready deleted it. :-)

I am tired. I stayed up way too late playing with the forums, and watching TV. I woke up this morning to find that Rotary was chasing one of our dogs out the door. He had decided to break off his chain and take off. That little bastard (well, big bastard) was not coming back. I chased him about one lawn length in my underware. But there are bus stops of kids looking at me from a block away. So I returned with jogging pants to finsih the job.

By this time Rotary was returning with the dog, and he was ready to end his adventure. I think I am still half asleep. More later. I all ready have a private message from someone telling me to "not be a dick". I wonder who pissed in hiw wheeties?

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