Thursday, September 18, 2003

Parental Guilt

I played video games with my daughter this morning. For maybe an hour. And then I thought, I wonder if ScreenSavers is coming on soon? So I get up and look, and realise it's almost 1:00PM. I needed to get out and get to the bank by 2:00, then the grocery, then work!

So I had to pry my daughter lose and get in the shower. She wanted to play! I wanted to play too. So I felt bad. I had somehow wasted all morning sitting in front of my computer. Where did the time go?

Then as I am getting ready to walk out the door, my son comes home from school. And he is disappointed that I am leaving to work. Let me tell you, nothing feels worse than blowing off your kids.

Then when I finally push off for work, I run into an accident that has the highway in a lockdown. So I jump off and try to take a detour, only I run into another jam because the city has decided to cut back some trees on a major road coming out of downtown ... DURING RUSH HOUR? WHAT THE HELL?

To make things worse, Discount Man buzzes me from work on his cell and tells me my laptop batteries were shipped to Columbus NY, not Columbus OH. The idiots made him fill out all of these additional forms, and then they aparently just re-keyed it in somewhere anyway. He e-mailed them, and has gotten nothing. At least they got the Zip code right. So with any luck, it will end up at the local Post Office, and they will just get a pen and correct it.

While sitting in traffic, I got to hear some pretty spiffy music though. Fun.

Current mood: Blah
Musical Inspirations: Take The Skinheads Bowling, and It ain't Gonna Suck Itself (from Crackers new album)

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