Monday, September 15, 2003

No Show, No Cash Flow

I was due to teach a day class this week, along with two night classes. This made me pretty happy because it meant serious commission money. Instead, I end up with a student who never shows up. A rescheduling of some kind left my student in the dark as far as when he was supposed to show up.

Alas, I am alone. This sucks because it means my evening classes will not amount to 40 hours of work. No bonus this week. It's disappointing. I guess I should be happier that I have my days free the rest of the week. Although, I did show up to work today. There is no sense in going home. So I guess I will sit here until it's time to work. Which will not be for HOURS.

In Other News
I worked on disassembling my iBook battery over the weekend. I was about 2/3 of the way done prying all the batteries lose when I ripped one of the tabs from the very thin and delicate circuit trace. Ouch. So I showed my handy work to Rob, sobbed a bit, and trashed it. The following morning i was sick with myself over fucking it up. So I dug it out of the trash and assessed my situation. It was not as bad as I initially had thought. It's repairable. I will just have to create my own method for attaching the batteries in parallel, and then solder that final product to the same locations on the tiny circuit board. So ... I told Rob to buy me the batteries anyway. Wish me luck. Hopefully my $50 will not go to waste. Gulp.

A short while ago, I cropped and uploaded some more stupid photos of myself. So here goes the first test of my new emoticons.

Current Mood: Complacent
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