Monday, September 15, 2003

It can't be done?

I had time to waste today, so I headed first to Radio Shack, and then to the hardware store. I have a bit of a problem. I am looking for something that is conductive, yet does not require heat to affix. My first thought was a "liquid welding" compound. Problem is that JB Weld (works very well) is not conductive. In fact, it boasts it's abilities as an insulator. So off to Rat Shack I go.

I used to work at Rat Shack, so I understand when you run into a starving salesperson. But I hate it when they lurk over you. I just want to roam, and look for myself. I know that my knowledge of the parts section is a bit deeper than the Joe who keeps trying to offer help. And at this point I dont know what I am looking for. I want to be left alone!! Rat Shack only sells a small tube of liquid welding stuff (probably the same as JB Weld). This stuff is conductive, but requires a TORCH to set up. No way am I torching explosive cells. No way in hell!

So off to the hardware store. Same thing I had all ready run into elsewhere. There is not a conductive "glue" of any kind. I am going to have to either solder to the batteries (DANGEROUS) or go with PLAN B. Below is my PLAN B. I made a clever little illustration of my thoughts.

What you are seeing here is a strip of thin metal. It's symmetrical, and bends in half. On each side are two dimples. The dimples will be created by punching (or stamping) into the metal with a blunt object. These will serve as contact points to the battery cells. By making a small slice into the center somewhere, a tab will be left to hang out once the metal is folded in half. This is where I will solder a wire to run back to the circuit board which remains in tact.

Piece of cake, right? My next trick is to figure out how to apply pressure between the metallic plate and the batteries. Only thing I can come up with is tape (duct tape anyone?) or heat shring wrapping. The latter is the better option, but it will have to be order and will certainly cost me. I will most likely use tape until I find that this project actually works. Electrical tape should work well if I avoid covering the breating holes in the battery. Covering these will certainly create heat. We don't want that.

More later, I am sure. Still brainstorming as you can see. :-)

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