Monday, May 31, 2004

Windows XP Is The Suck
It's funny how when I actually want to enjoy my computing experience, I always end up back on my laptop. I really am beginning to hate Windows products. It's not a good thing. I have been asked by my employer to persue my MCSE certification. And if I expect a raise anytime soon, I had better do it. So even as I study for this exam, I am reinstalling multiple times to pull together a usable installation.

I reinstalled XP a few days ago when Explorer.exe kept crashing on me. It had been several months since I had reinstalled, but in those past few months I have barely used that computer. After reinstalling, I was back to being stable again. I reinstalled all my various software like Spybot S&D, Kazaa, etc. Yet, my video driver just wouldn't take. I went out to VIA's website and got the latest and greatest driver, which turned out not to be right, and after a reboot I was back to the old "lack of color" display. From that point forward, I couldn't seem to shake this bad video driver. I would uninstall it, reboot, and it would be back in place. Thanks Microsoft! YOUR DRIVER HANDLING IS THE BIZOMB!

After about an hour of fucking with the video driver, it became aparent that I had other issues. Namely, that I had all ready been infected with Spyware (reguardless of Spybot's resident program running). After a few scans with Spybot, I still had not gotten it all, and Internet Explorer didn't "work" anymore. Now when I double clicked it, I got a big white window, and a loss of resourses. NEAT!

All I really needed to do was get to my mortgage information so I could pay my monthly bill. But I had stored that away in MS Access, and I hadn't loaded MS Office yet. So I grabbed the latest and greatest copy I have which is 2003 Enterprise Edition. After installing it, you are forced into an Activation. The activation tells me that I have used up all my lisences for that product. BUT ... we are a Microsoft partner ... and a training center. Shouldn't we have an unlimited number of activations? Aparently not. I guess I will uninstall Office and reinstall an older version like XP. So I start the un-install and I immediately get errors. At this point, I extend my left hand, and flip Windows XP the bird before shutting it down "improperly". Now I am formatting, and reinstalling again.

If I weren't studying for the Windows XP exam this week, I wouldn't reinstall it at all. It suck.

Current Mood: Frustrated
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