Saturday, May 15, 2004

Pain In The Knee
My wife woke up this morning with a nasty pain in her knee-cap. It's been there for about a week now, but this morning it was especially bad. Now we are in the ER awaiting X-Ray results. It's as good a time as any for blogging. I came prepared with a palm pilot since my laptop would never make it through the security here.

Wardriving Companion Wanted
Last night I really wanted to go on a wardriving expedition, but Discount Man wanted no part in it. He had homework he was supposed to be doing, but he didn't have the software he needed and my cable modem connection was fucked up as usual. So for a few hours I watched him struggle to download files of less than 100k, and I made several attempts to install OS's through Virtual PC on my Mac. I begged and pleaded to go out for coffee, or any other activity that might get us on the road. DM says he is just not up to driving me around and being my lookout. Understandible I guess, but one man wardrives just aren't much fun.

The Book
The longer I spend not working on my book, the more anxious I get to put something down. Looking at next weeks schedule it seems I will be driving out to Tiffin once again to teach A+ and MS Acess. I will of course have several hours of waiting inbetween classes, so perhaps me and Audrey (my lappy) will have to go for a spin through town. I should also be thinking about what I will say to my new boss on Friday.

My boss since the company merger put in his last day on friday, and they named his replacement that same day. My new boss, Kim, was previously the marketing and sales manager and is now the active training manager. I'm very pleased with the decision, and I think she will do much better than my old boss. In my short time working for him I watched him lose his cool on multiple occassions, and drive one staff member out of the company. Kim on the other hand seems to keep cool under crisis, and isn't afraid to bare her teeth. Seeing how she will be our mediator to upper management, I have a much greater confidence in my advancement (not to mention job security). I wasted no time asking for a meeting with her to discuss my "career path". In a very polite manner I said "give me something to teach and maybe some more money too". She was quite receptive to any ideas I might have about my 'advancement'. I meet with her next Friday to discuss the matter. Wish me luck!

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