Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I've Been Probed (repeatedly)
As I sit here, typing to you, I am getting probed by ten different sources. As painful as that sounds, you can see no signs of penetration. I am teaching a Windows XP class all week. My students are learning XP on their new laptops. These Thinkpads all have internal wireless networking cards. So out of curiosity, I fired up KisMac and found ten different active probes. Neat.

Thinkpads suck though. I mean ... really. I think IBM gets FAR too much credit for these thick-ass paperweights. They have a good chunk of RAM in them, and Pentium 4 processors .... oh, and a DVD/CD-RW drive ... that's about it. What I don't like is the OVERSIZED power supply brick. It's huge. Or the sticky thing that they call a mouse. That thing is retarded. You have this tiny out of control erasorhead in the middle of your keyboard, and the buttons for it are under your palm. Who the hell designed this piece of shit?

In general, these laptops are UGLY. Big, thick, black objects. The only color on these junkers is the ugly IBM logo stamped into the corners. This is why I will never buy a Thinkpad. In fact, I think my next laptop will be an iBook. OS X and an iBook is just better in so many ways.

All you Thinkpad fanboys can bite me.

Daft Clubbin'
Last night I went out to see if any of my favorite artists were releasing anything new. I always start with Daft Punk. To my delight there was an album out that I don't have yet. It's called Datf Club. It's actually just a whole album of remixes, but they are GOOD remixes. It might as well be a brand new song collection because the remixes are so different than the originals. This album had been released before to anyone that bought the "Discovery" album. If you have that album, you get some magic key and a URL to go download the songs for free. For everyone else you will have to order this disc ... or "acquire" these songs. ;-) IT ROCKS.

Okay, lunch over. Back to work. *smirk*

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Musical Inspiration: Daft Punk - Daft Club (album)

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