Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Vioxx Is Gut, Ja?
So I scored some Vioxx for my wife today. We bought her four pills a few days ago, because the insurance company was giving me shit. They charged us $17.99 for four pills. At two pills a day, that seems pretty high. But it's really not bad. It works, and $8.00 doesn't seem like expensive pain relief to me. But ... to keep buying it at that price might put us into the poor house. After a talk with one of the brighter pharmacists, we learn that my insurance company would rather deal you larger amounts at a time to save themselves a few bucks. So their deal is, $50 for 30 pills, at one a day. These are higher dosage pills, that our old insurance company refused to fill. So that's settled. We can expect to pay about $50 a month for the meds, unless they decide to lower the price of Vioxx. It still seems odd to me that the makers of Vioxx (Medco) are partnered with my health insurance company (United Health Care), and yet they can't come to an agreement on the Vioxx coverage. Assholes!

I was indeed stood up yesterday for my morning class. So I wasn't going to cry over it. I used the time to work on "my book", for which I rambled out almost two entire sections. One section describes how to create the poor mans cantenna. Another that I decided to write up rather on the fly was "how to hide" while wardriving. I have been doing a lot of running, hiding, and lurking in my wardriving adventures. Combining that, with what I have learned about human nature I think I have become pretty good at working into an environment and not get noticed. I am pleased with the way the chapter rolled out. If nothing else, there is a speck of humor in there as well.

I am holding to the promise that this book will be entertaining first, and educational second.

And now I will go back to slaving over setting up my class. After about two full days of working on it, I am still not done. I guess it does take three days to set up this five day class. But then again, it's Security+. Probably my favorite class to teach, so I will stop bitching.

Current Mood: Content
Current Blood Pressure Level: High! What the fuck? I ate healthy all day!
Musical Inspiration: Sarah McGlaughlin - My wife is playing it, and I actually like this girlie shit ... hell, I DOWNLOADED IT!!! So bite me you Limp Bizkit fanboy! :-)

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