Sunday, May 09, 2004

The Broken Forums Return
At some point, thebroken brought it's forums back. I missed the release, because it doesn't look like they sent out a newsletter as planned. Someone picked up on it pretty quickly, and registered all the old forum names. So now there are dozens of imposters, such as "Ray" who is not me. And there are all ready thousands of "how do I hack posts" to boot. I'm glad I am no longer a moderator. It looks like those new moderators have a lot of work to do if they plan on turning the forums around into something useful. I registered a new account "Ray Haque" and then decided that I really didn't want to put myself back into that chaos. I think I will just stand back and observe.

I also learned that TechTV was sold! I hadn't heard. I will keep my fingers crossed for Kevin. I'm sure G4 will keep him on board, and continue to run the Screen Savers show. It was TechTV's best show, and for many folks it was the only thing they watched. But now Kevin will experience a "merger" first hand. I'm betting it's the same kind of merger I am now part of. They call it a merger, but it's really an acquisition or a "buy out". The advantage of a merger is that employees who are kept on board will not lose things that they need like 401k, health insurance, etc. It also generally means "no pay cuts", which is nice. My heart goes out to the staff of techTV. They really have a family atmosphere around there, and that may be something they lose with G4.

Lastly, I forgot to mention some good news I got on Friday. I will be getting a new company laptop. From what I hear they are 2Ghz Pentium machines with some nice upgrades. Such as 512MB of RAM, and an 80 gig hard drive. These are a result of the complaints we had about not being able to set up classes easily. So now we can build our classes quickly, and store PC images on our 80 gig drives. It ought to be nice.

I also like that news because I had planned early on with my 'Home Invasion' book to demonstrate OS X as well as Windows hacking. I don't really have a decent Windows notebook around, so I have never done much with that plan. Having a PC with Windows XP ought to provide me with some new fun, and new material for the book. Time will tell though. I am not holding my breath waiting for these laptops to fall into my lap. Although, I heard one rumor that they laptops were all ready purchased, and had arrived. They just needed to be set up. Now, do Instructors such as ourselves really want someone setting up our laptops for us? First thing I'm gonna' do is wipe the partition table and make room for BSD. ;-)

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