Tuesday, May 18, 2004

A River Runs Through It
I have been feeling very out of shape lately. My blood pressure has been running wild. So I decided to start watching what I eat. Last night I tried to get some exercise by mowing the yard at top speed. That seemed to work. When I was done, I grabbed the weed whacker and kept moving. By the time I had finished I felt I had accomplished some good moving around because I felt exhausted. That seemed to raise my blood pressure, but then it generally falls after I rest a while.

So I went to Krogers and fought with them about my wife's prescriptions that they don't want to cover. Then I hit the produce section and picked out some snack-age. Banana's, a honey-dew, and four cans of "low salt" peas to put in my salads. Yummy. I had a salad for dinner and it was good. But I was still really hungry. Not wanting to ruin my active healthy day, I ate some Cheerio's with skim milk. Man am I healthy!

Now this morning I arrived in Tiffin. I had plans of back-packing into town between classes with my laptop in search of a hotspot somewhere. So as I drove in this morning, I had KisMac running, and I slowed down when I cruised through the populated parts of town. There are several public parks in this little town that would be great to camp out in. Unfortunately, none of them are close enough to an AP for me to leech in peace. It seems all I was able to find was residential access points. In this town, the public streets are very small, and houses sit pretty far off from the main road. That's a problem when you want to camp out for an hour or more and not be noticed. I seriously think I should write a chapter in my wardriving book on "not getting noticed". The more I wardrive, the more I sharpen my skills of not looking inconspicuous.

Now as I sit up here in this vacant building, I can actually hear the Sandusky river flowing to the North out the open windows. There has been a lot of rain in this area lately, and the river is running right up to the side of the winding road that leads into this complex. With my luck, these heavy torrential storms will begin just as I try to head out of here for a wardrive. Although, I have found that rain or snow can cover your windows, and keep people from looking in at you. And if you are parked at the side of the road, waiting, while it rains ... people assume you are waiting for the weather to let up before you move on. While I might not get any exercise today, I might just gather some book material!!

Oh, and it's now 10:35AM. Class starts at 10:30AM. Are my students showing me up? That would suck considering that I don't have class again until 5:00PM this evening. I need to find a bar in this town.

Current Mood: Bored
Musical Inspiration: Country Joe and The Fish - I'm a Fixin' To Die Rag

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