Saturday, May 22, 2004

The Knee Is Damaged
My wife went for her MRI yesterday. It would be her second MRI in two days. They sent her home the first time because they said her knee was jittering too much. The solution? Dope her up on a valium! So with against her doctors wishes, they prescribed her a single valium costing us only 6 bucks. Not bad. At that price, I should have gotten a couple for myself! So the next day, one hour before the appointment, we got her doped up and sent her back for more shots. While we aren't able to gain access to the MRI photos, I can show you her knee.

The Knee. Posted by Hello

And here is my artists rendition of what her bad knee might look like.

Artists rendition of the knee damage. Posted by Hello

Aparently, from looking at the MRI they can see that she has some signigant tears in her cartlidge. It's almost certain to require surgery. But, we have to wait until Monday before her Doctor can have a look and give a next course of action.

Dishing Out A Waste Of Time
I have thought a long while about creating a parabolic dish antenna for Wardriving. Having never attemped this before, I thought I would pull together some scraps and see what I could do. A few months ago I found this ugly table ornament at a thrift shop for two bucks. I grabbed it planning on ripping it apart and using it for an antenna. So I bolted a coat hanger onto it, and then seated half a cantenna on the end of my hanger, and pointed the can into the dish. The idea here is that the dish will catch the signals and the can will pick them up. It widens your signal grabbing area! Or so it goes.

The dish-tenna in all it's worthless glory! Posted by Hello

My dish probably wasn't curved enough, and I'm sure the physics were way off. I walked to the window in my living room to see if I could get a stronger reading with the antenna, vs. without it. As you might have suspected, I was better off without the antenna attached. It was actually distorting my signals and making things worse. I guess I will stick to my soup can for now. Just more research to put into this book that I will someday finish.

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