Saturday, May 08, 2004

A Long Friday
I hopped out of bed Friday morning and rushed to work. The plan was to pack a van with PC's and drive them to Cleveland for a class setup. Naturally, I get to work nice and early, and the van hasn't been rented yet. So by the time we ripped the seats out and hit the road, it was all ready about 11 in the morning. We drove to the old office to pick up duct tape, network cabling, etc. and find that we also have to take the student books for the class with us. We had all ready packed the van *FULL*. So we ended up taking the microsoft kits and whipping them overtop all the packed in junk. We made it fit.

Then we hit the road, me and Dustin. Dustin was the last instructor hired onto eKnowledge Concepts before we were merged with the larger company we now both work for. We typically work at different ends of Ohio so we have never really hung out. Seeing how we had a 3 and a half hour drive ahead of us, we did a lot of talking. Once we arrived, it would take us a good two hours to set up. And by then it was almost 4:30 in the afternoon. We still had to drive to another location, and set up another class.

So I asked Dustin, "do you ever expense your meals?". And he says "not really ... what did you have in mind? Hooters?". I didn't really want to go to Hooters. And I can't imagine expensing a check for Hooters anyway. So we hit Don Pablos. I went straight to the restroom to wash my hands, and he went straight to the bar. When I came back out Dustin was sucking down a tall dark mexican beer. "I'll have one of those!". It was nice to sit down and take a break. And drink a beer. When the check came, we suddenly realized that you can't expense a beer. The bartender was nice enough to take our drinks off the check, and split the bill. Good call. Nothing like a good meal, thats free.

Onto the next spot. We headed into Warrensville. It was only about a 45 minute drive. And then an hour or two to set up. And then a 4 hours drive home. In the end I walked in the door at about 10:30PM. I was supposed to hang out with the Discount Man, but I fucked that up. He ended up going frat party hopping, and I ended up going directly to sleep.

The New Gloop
When I completed the Gloop flash page a few months ago, I was pretty pleased with it. But it loaded very slowly, and it was a pain in the ass to update. Also, my interface sucked. People didn't like it. I decided my next website would be very simple. So simple, that I built it in Front Page. I'm not a big Front Page fan, but it lays tables out really nicely. And I can get back and forth to the actual HTML code pretty easily. The result was a quick, simple, and slick looking design that I can easily update.

This morning and this afternoon I rushed to finish it, so that I could replace the outdated flash site. Check it out. I wanted to put something out there with information about my projects and such.

I also got pretty bored, and made a new Blog for my Pet Monster. Rather, my Pet Monster made his own blog. You can find the link off to the left in my "friends blogs" bar. Enjoy. :-)

And now, I think I shall go to bed. My kids will be dragging me out of bed at 7:00AM to make them breakfast.

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