Monday, May 10, 2004

Ancient History
So around noon the other day, my wife says "wanna go see a movie? I need to get out". I was a little stir crazy too, so I recommended we check out the Ohio Historical Society (the museum). We haven't been there in years and the weather was perfect for the outdoors "Ohio Village". The village is a small town constructed to mimic the later 18th or early 19th century. It has actors wandering around their shops or homes in character. Some of them were restuffing their matresses, washing their clothes, mowing the yard, etc. Others would tell you all about their course of business, and how miserable life was. The kids were bored, but I found it pretty interesting. At the "Doctors Home" we were greeted by a Butler who explained that it was common courtesy to give him a calling card so that he could let the Dr know that you had arrived.

Calling cards, as he explained were like the modern day business card. It was a heavy stock card with your name on it, and maybe something decorative. But that's all. When you visited your friends, you would hand the servants your "calling card" and they would take it to the home owner. The person would then turn up, or "turn down" corners of the card and send it back to you to let you know if they wanted to see you or not. It made me want to print up some "calling cards". I have business cards, but I hate them. The address is wrong, my e-mail address has changed, and they are pretty worthless. Since I hand write everything on the back anyway, I am thinking about having some printed up. Nice ivory cards, with simply my name across the middle. Classy, right?

The Forums Die
Just as quickly as they appeared, thebroken forums have vanished. We don't have to wonder why. Certain parties found the need to register dozens of names, and create endless retarded topics. The moderators were aparently not ready for such a rush of moronic activity, and could only stand back and watch the forums go to hell in a handbasket. The end. It's unfortunate, because this kind of reaction may have just delayed the release of "the real forums", if not cancelled the release all together. Time will tell. Hopefully next time they do something with the forums, they will send out a newsletter like they promised. ;-)

Another Book Idea
After working on the Gloop website a couple of hours, I decided that I should write up a cook-book section in my Home Invasion book. The recipes? Home-made Cantennas (that work better than store bought), and how to alter a network card for an external antenna (without breaking your card). I have modified a couple of cards now under different brand names, so I can include lots of pictures in the book. In fact, I did a short video with my buddy Discount Man that was never released by "thebroken". I may just make that available on, and use some footage as illustrations in my book.

Would you all want to see Gloop videos? I'm not trying to make my own "thebroken" following. In fact, if we do a show, I plan on appealing to what I consider the "technically inclined". A while back I put together a rough 'script (?)' for the show, and passed it onto Discount Man (who would appear in the show) and Chuckman (the producer). Chuckman recently called Discount Man and asked when we were shooting. I guess I kind of dropped the ball on the project, because I didnt have the time to spend on it. I would rather be working on my book. I'll see what you all have to say (leave me some comments). Would you be interested in "the Gloop Show"?

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