Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Wasting My Vacation

When I first sat down and realized that I would be off for over a week, and we were nto going to the beach as originally planned ... I thought ... what could I accomplish with my time off? It is now Wednesday, and I am sticking to my plan. I have gotten NOTHING done.

My checklist is as follows:
  • Fix the Volvo CHECK! I got it running smoothly! Took less than two hours to finish the turn signals, and pull the exhaust back into place.
  • Study to take an exam - I have studied NOTHING. I suck.
  • Doctors, and Dentist appointments - This has gone well. Rotary needs some x-rays and an ASSLOAD of bloodwork. We have plenty of free time to do it. Almost all of it!
  • Create a video demonstrating external connectors on cheap WiFi cards - I really want to work on this. But getting some of Chucks free time is dificult, and he is our equipment man!
  • Make Bellas Holloween Costume - We bought all the supplies. I got the sewing machine running really well thanks to some 3-in-one and some chopped wood (don't ask). But all I have sewn is the ears. I suck.
  • Go Wardriving - Accomplished!!

So last night I went out on a solo mission. The Mrs's wanted to rent a movie, and so I thought I would take a short 1/2 an hour drive on my way to the video store.

After hitting a few of the same ol' access points, I thought I would head back to a spot I had been wanting to explore earlier. Behind the movie theater! It's read faces a creek bed, and on the otehr side is a large apartment/condo community. So I figured I could spend some time on a home network without drawing attention to myself.

I easily stumbled onto a network with very high strength (17). So I latched on, browsed the network, and found a few open shares. I always love it when I find a shared "My Documents" folder. Those always turn out to be juicy. Low and behold I had a bounty of documents and photos, so I drug them all to my desktop.

After seeing it would take 11 minutes longer, I disconnected with what I had grabbed and moved on. Later once I had gotten home, I started rummaging through the pictures. This guy was definitely gay.

Then I moved onto the documents. The first line of one document made my ears perk up. It read "Security Issues". It goes on to detail some "allegations" made by an employee about poor business practices and mis-handling of store income. I had obviously been browsing the movie theater itself! And BOY was this interesting.

The downstairs safe will be left open at times. It will be left on day-lock and cracked open. A lot of the floor managers do this.

Till for money that is used for all loose petty cash that is left on top of the downstairs safe and not locked up. All of the floor managers do this. It is how it is set up downstairs.

Drops not put into drop safe or they are put in and not dropped. Most of the floor managers do this. Sometimes money is left from the morning shift to be counted and signed off by the evening managers. Even though there are three managers during the day. Mostly on Mondays when there is *removed*, *removed*, and *removed* working deposits are left.

Holy cow! I found some good tidbits. Basically, I need to get a job here so I can begin robbing it blind.

When Brinks brings us money it is left out on counters in the counting office instead of begin put away right then and there. Some floor managers do this it is during the day when it comes so it would be *Name removed* that would be working. They leave it downstairs and then take it up at night. I have seen this mostly on Sat. when I work all day.

When can I start? :-)

Safe comes up short all the time. Do not know who is doing what but it will come up short and then they sell tickets are refund stubs out to make it up.

Sounds like Enron.

The alarm is never set. Did not have alarm code for months. *Name Removed* just gave me a alarm code a few months ago. Have not used it to arm or disarm the building.

Nevermind about working there. I will just go in through the back door I was parked behind.

As you can see, this is everything you do NOT want to tell people about your employer. And here it is leaking through the walls of the building into thin air. Had I been a 'bad guy' I would be returning later with a crowbar, and a good idea of where all the valuables are stored.

Isn't wardriving fun?

I think I talked Discount Man into going on a run with me in the near future. He has pussied out on going with me the past few times. I think last nights fun might have changed his mind.

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