Thursday, October 09, 2003

The Ohio Caverns

Today we took a family trip to go see the Ohio Caverns. Pretty impressive cave if I do say. My mom said that is we wanted to see a cave, not to waste our time on anything else.

So off we went. Stopped at the Waffle House along the way. It was the best one in Ohio (they had a sign). My waffle was good, but my waitress sucked. And they burnt all of our waffles the first time and had to remake them. Best in Ohio my ass!

We got lost along the way trying to figure out where in the hell route 245 was trying to take us. It broke into pieces and took us all through town trying to stay on it. At one point, we ended up staring at a sign that pointed directly into a house and had a little left arrow stating 245. No road, nowhere to go there. Just a sign pointing into someones living room. So we just kep driving for several miles on what was being called "Mill street". Finally, I came upon a church that had some stick on letters on the side of it's sign "int. st 245". Yay!

Almost 2 hours later we arrived! Whee! The gift shop was impressive. We stepped right up and bought our tour passes. The place was cleaned out, and noone else was waiting. So we got our own private tour. Luckily we had just missed about 3 busloads of kids. Ugh! After tooling around the gift shop for about 20 minutes, we headed into the caverns. And boy were they neat! The kids seemed to really enjoy it. Our tour guide was a grumpy old man whose jokes didn't really appeal to the youth. They still seemed in awe at some of the rock formations. Andy seemed more impressed with the fact that we were really deep underground.

Our tour guide was nice enough to take our picture in front of "THE KING". They hyped this pretty good. And when he took this picture, he kept making me move around to get the full thing in the picture. "The King" is just a really big stalagmite (or is it stalagtite?). But probably the largest in all of America (so they say).

Later on we wanted to meet with Rob for dinner. He was at school and wouldn't be getting off until 6 or so. So we decided on the China Buffet. It's about 5 minutes from the University. He was going to stop at home and be on his way. Just before he leaves he sends me a message "going to stop and home, and i will come over". Come over? Here? NO! We're going to that end of town. So I call him several times, and finally get him on the phone. He seems confused, and says "I can't be there for at least 20 minutes". And I'm thinking "Okay ... but it will take me 30 to drive there". So we all hop in the car and get about 2/3rd of the way there. Then Rob calls "where are you?", he asks. I guess he thought we meant the China Buffet by my house. So he is there waiting. Woops.

We all eventually made it to the same place. And China Buffet rules. I ate so much shit, that I honestly couldn't stomach dessert. Whoah, huh? Although, that apple pie in the fridge might have to be cut up and eaten later on. Did I mention we stopped at a farm and got pumpkins? I LOVE holloween. In fact, I just love October. We will have to do another family trip again soon. Maybe Flint Ridge?

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