Monday, October 27, 2003

Setup Day in Cleveland

Today was setup day in Cleveland. I have a class on Linux Administration on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. So today we had to set up the hardware that I spent all weekend getting ready. Things actually worked rather well. We had a few surprises, like the monitor that sounded like a nuclear reactor getting ready to blow. And a dead Compaq that needed it's processor re-seated. I sware, I should send Nintendo a thank-you note every time I get a Pentium II processor working again, using the same method I learned to get dirty 8-bit games going. It's the old spit and blow technique. You know the one.

So now I am driving back to Columbus with Karen at the wheel. Which is nice. Gives me some blog time, and some general tuning out time. I am tired. And I have a class to teach as soon as I walk back inside in Columbus. I will welcome sleep tonight.

It's been a ROUGH week. Not just on me, but on everybody. Rotary got some bad news earlier this week about her health. Her medication for arthritis might be partly to blame. But she has now also been diagnosed with high blood pressure. And to help raise her blood pressure, I am leaving for several days out of town.

The timing on this course could not have been worse. It would be nice to have one of those slow weeks where I have some down time. Instead, I will be hours away camped out in a hotel. It's going to be really rough. We have certainly never been away from each other this long since we've been dating, let alone married. I will definitely not be sleeping well. And I suspect Rotary will not either.

I am going to be SO homesick by the time Friday rolls around. And I can't believe that this is supposed to be a 3 day class. I had thought originally that this was a one day class, with two sets of 20 students. I will be lucky to make this last two days. I think I will want to time this so that we are done around lunchtime on Friday. Then I can pack up while my students eat.

I would love to express more of what is on my mind right now about my wife. But nobody reads my Blog for what is actually on my mind. You all are probably looking to read about my latest wardriving adventures. So allow me to say this to get it out. I love my wife, a lot. And the emotions are running pretty deep with me this week.

Okay, enough with the sappy stuff, right?

So I was expecting more access points out here. This part of Cleveland Ohio is a mud pit. I am just half a mile from the Eerie Canal. And there is nothing out here. I was expecting *some* civilization out here. But I have to drive a mile or two to find a McDonalds, let alone an access point. This is going to make WarDriving pretty dull. I am not really going to want to venture *too far* away from where I will be teaching, but I do want to get online. If I have to spend my evenings alone in a hotel with no one to talk to and no internet, I will lose my fucking mind. I guess I could always call my wife after 9:00PM and talk as long as I want (free minutes). :-) Anyway, here is a look at some points I found a mile or two away from where I will be.

I trimmed the log for something I will explain later as the "Cisco Trap".

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