Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Like A Rock

I had a HUGE dent in my mail folder at the office today. It was packed full of junkmail. I got a new Certification magazine (I haven't read anything from the past three issues), a new Transcender flyer (I threw it away because Transcender makes awful testing sims, and they put scary looking people on their advertisements), a copy of eWeek (not a bad read) and lastly ... Information Security Magazine.

I really like this magazine. It's free (you can sign up on their website), and their articles are actually worth reading. On the cover was a bunch of people who work for Prudential (the Insurance people). They had a large piece on how Prudential takes security very seriously, and what they have done to improve it. I can tell you what they HAVEN'T done. Close their damned WiFi Access Points. Ah well, nobody's perfect right?

"There's a reality that has to be accepted and understood that bad people do bad things," says BSO Freddo.

What am I a bad guy? I didn't take any data from these people, I wouldn't dare. It's none of my business. But for the record, they had open shares. SHAME ON YOU PRUDENTIAL! And also, thanks for the free WiFi access in my time of wireless need.

So, bad news good news for today in general.

Bad News
  • The Mail server has a dead drive
  • My wife asked me to take her to a Christian Rock concert
  • There was ANOTHER major accident on the highway this morning
  • My shirt smells funny like mildew

Good News

  • The drive in the mail server is rebuilding from a spare
  • My wife gave away the tickets (we're seeing a movie instead)
  • I took the backroads to work and got to work on time
  • I can wash my shirt
  • NO night class tonight

Didya' catch that last part? NO night class. I am thankful. They had a class lined up for me with 2 people in it. It was A+ (which I am SO sick of teaching) and I would have had to drive downtown during rush hour two nights a week. The bonus money would have been nice. But not having the class seems nicer. So it's not a bad week at all. I am teaching Security+ to a single student, and the class is going real smooth. Lots of fun labs to do with securing servers and workstations. My student and I are having a lot of fun with the class!

I really have an itchin' to go wardriving. Maybe just a quick stop on the way home to feed my need? I should just pull around the corner from my the office and grab some bounty.

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