Friday, October 10, 2003

Been Drinking

Went to the dentist today. They were like "OH MY GOD D00D YOUR TEEF' ARE SHITTY!". And I was all like "SHADDUP! FIX MY TEEF!". And they were like "OKAY, BUT YOU HAF' TO PAY US LOTS MONEYS!". So I will. Over the course of about 4 visits, I will bring a record amount of Novacaine into my body, and get something like 14 fillings, and one tooth pulled. FUN!!!

The TOPIC IS DRINKING tonight. Because that's what we're doing. I am killing a King Cobra very slowly. Discount Man, dun't all ready kill't his. Look at the smile on this poor son of a bitch. He drank 3 beers, a 40oz of KC, and another 1/2 a 40oz of bud. He is toasted. He's on his instant messenger saying who knows what.

And we are listening to Magic Stick. Maaaaagic Stiiiick. Fun. Oh yeah, we had a goal tonight. We were going to film our segment on adding a cantenna to an old WiFi card. Oh well. We got like 20 seconds in the can. Screw it.

I want to go wardriving. Is it against the law to drink, and drive, and war drive?

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