Friday, October 17, 2003


So far I have found some pretty exciting stuff to dig through while wardriving. Not today. It was a major let-down.

A few days ago I discovered an open access point near work that was not WEP encrypted. After connecting to it, I was able to geuss their administrator password on my second try (it was the name of their domain). Once in I found a few shares of work related stuff. Lot's of it. But I couldn't get a strong enough signal to download any of it. So today, I got in my car and pulled into the street to do the dirty deed. I was most interested in a backed up Outlook database floating around in an "admin files" folder. It was well over 30 megs. So it took a few minutes to copy it. Then I moved along.

Once home, I opened the .pst file with Outlook which I had installed to mty XP box. This is probably one of the most uninteresting mail files I have ever found. Looks like this guy is an architect for golf courses. Yawn. There were a few juicy tidbits about how his boss is dumb and how he "runs everything". And it also looks like he is looking for another job. Wonder if the boss knows?

Other than the usual work stuff there was the ocassional "ha ha" kind of message between him and his wife, or rude remarks to otehr co-workers like this one.

Since it didn't take me long to rob those files, I thought I would take a quick run through some condos closer to home. Found a pretty strong access point that allowed me to park out of view and grab a few files. Although the access point had a male name, it appeared to have a female using it. Aside from a bunch of boring college papers, there were a few images like this one. SMILE!

I found another picture named "pink1.jpg". Don't get excited, she is a fan of the singer Pink. And I also found some of my first war-driving nudity! Oh yeah.

Check out those hot bitches!

Now I am off to the Pumpkin show with the wife, kids, and my mom. If she ever gets here. She is five minutes late. I had better wait upstairs so we can jet. I'll fill you all in later on the Pumpkin Show details!

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