Sunday, October 19, 2003

On The Road Again

I dropped Rotary and the kids off to a football party today and headed out for a good time. I had to get a new tire put on the car, but I had plenty of time to war drive along the way. I didn't travel far. I found an interesting looking business park about 200 feet away and leaped right onto an access point. It was named "Cassie".

Cassie must have turned her computer off before leaving the office Friday. I hate being alone on a network. Nothing to explore, nothing to do. I could re-arrange settings on the Access Point? Nah ... next! I pulled off.

I pulled around the corner and hit about 8 access points all at once. Just my luck though. Nowhere to park! The city was digging out curbs and storm drains to re-build them. The streets were a mess. So I went up the block and found a radio station. I didn't know that was there! No access point though. Ho-hum.

So I needed to get back into my end of town to eat, and let my dogs out. Took the long ride back. I kept peering over to my lappy, who wasn't registering ANYTHING. I hate that MacStumbler picks up very little, while KisMac picks up farts in the wind. But if I run KisMac, I have to kill it before I can really connect to anything. It's a pain.

After arriving back in my neck of the woods, I explore a few dead areas, find that one of my favorite old Access Points is no longer connected to a WAN (guess he didn't pay his bill) and so I decided to circle teh parking lot and split. That's when I found an access point called "hotnjuicy". In the middle of a bunch of fast food and sit down joints. Check out the picture.

Why would Wendys have an access point? It has to be something for store inventories. I couldn't find anything on that network. I couldn't ping the gateway, yet it was forwarding packets to a seperate 10.x.x.x network. Very odd. I don't get it. After wasting about 1 minutes on it, I went out and got a tire put on, then headed home to let the dogs out.

Later Rotary called me to come get the kids from the party. After I picked them up I thought I might stop by Discount Mans crib. But he was not answering his phone. So I pulled over to a hot-spot I had just found that was sponsered by an Insurance company. Thanks Prudential! DM wasn't online, naturally. So I messaged my buddy Gethsemane. What's up!

I later found out DM was jogging. Loser. Trying not to be fat. Whatever.

So the kids and I went home and ate, and played and stuff. Then we went back out to get Rotary from the football party. I took a snapshot of some of my findings.

Later Discount Man calls me and says he has Chuck on the phone. This is our camera-man, and he's available! Naturally, we are ready to film our segment on attaching a cantenna to a network card that has no external connector. I think the segment came out well. We're not sure what will happen with it. It may be released as part of "the broken", or it may carry the Gloop label! Either way, it ought to come out good. We had a lot of fun filming it.

I should be in bed. Why am I still up? Shit.

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