Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Return To Endor
Today I returned to the forest. The Mohican forest. I am once again here teaching application classes all day long. Fun, fun, fun. I can't wait until lunch time, when I can sneak out of here and up to the local McDonalds parking lot where I steal wireless network access.

So, 'the bank' calls me back this morning. I was attempting to get a new auto loan with a lower interest rate. 22 percent is a bit high. I was declined. I expected my credit to be a problem, but instead it was other issues. My car is only worth about 6.5k according to their value charts, etc. Yet, I owe about 10k on it. Being that a car is collateral for an auto loan ... that just doesn't work. I asked the loan officer for suggestions. Her only suggestion was a home mortgage loan. However, that relies on a lot of equity (I have little) and the down payment made on the home (I made no down payment).

I guess my one option is to pay off as much of the car as possible to get it closer to 6.5k. At which point I can get a new loan to cover the balance. Hopefully I get my taxes from work, and I can file for a refund soon! I need that money!

Okay, back to work. Perhaps I will blog more after lunch. No ... I won't.

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