Monday, January 12, 2004

While it only runs about 10 minutes a day or so, I have been playing with my camera since it arrived in the mail. It was a bloody challenge finding a camera that works with OS X Panther. But I seem to have found a good one! This thing has really good clarity, resolution, etc. It also works really well in low lighting (unlike my older cheap-o cameras). And it was a steal at $4.00 on eBay! :-)

I haven't done much to advertise my "Ray-Cam" so you may have missed some of the better silly shots I have taken on it. Here is what you have missed!

This Morning

Weekend 2 Man / 1 Woman Lan Party

Me Picking On My Wife

Mary Kate And Ashley RULE

The Truth About Gethsemane

As you can see I have no good reason to run a camera. But if you want to check it out anyway, you can find the 'RAYCAM' or the last uploaded image here ... The RAYCAM!. I think I may keep archives of the more entertaining images here - The RAYCAM Archive. If you have caught something entertaining on the RAYCAM and wish to share it, send it to ray(a)

Happy Monday.

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