Sunday, January 04, 2004

Rainy Days
It's rianed all damn day here. Not a bad way to spend my last vacation day though, inside and playing. I finally finished up (or made it complete enough to publish) the website. I am pretty satisfied with it. It's still under construction. But it's better looking than what I had up previously.

I sat up my 'Pet Monster' today in a chair and it looked really natural. So I gave him some headphones and took this picture.

My wife witnessed me taking this photo and reminded me of what a dork I am. She's right.

I few minutes later I hooked up the camera to drag this picture off, and I found a few others that I forgot about. When I was working on my Volvo I decided that I would take pictures of the disaster I had made. That was I could photograph the final product and show off. Well, here are the jacked up photos.

As you can see, the headliner was ripped out as was half the interior. Also, I dont know if you can tell but there is about a thick layer of dust and dirt covering the car that I later scrubbed off at the car wash.

I also found some nice shots of my kids that I had taken about the same time since I had my camera in hand. Here is a shot of my daughter in her favorite ballerina dress.

Andy my son looking guilty of something at the foot of the basement step.

Tomorrow I head back to work! Gee! I can't wait! I need to get back to studying so I can knock a few exams out. It won't be long after I get back that I will be ready to bust out of my job again. At least this week I will be in-town and I won't be having to travel around teaching lame ass application classes.

As my mother would say, "Thank God for small favors".

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