Friday, January 16, 2004

Gangsta Rap
I could be studying. I could be working on ... something. Instead I am downloading gangsta rap tunes. I am celebrating the fact that my student didn't show up today. I was scheduled to teach Microsoft Word level 1. I was not looking forward to it. I had planned on working to about 3:30 and breaking out of here. Now, I can continue with those plans. Although, I wouldn't call this working.

I don't have much that I have to get done today. At some point though I should write out my schedule for next week. I have to mail that in now that I can be accounted for. Monday is actually a state holiday (Martin Luther King day), yet we are still scheduled to work on it. Since my son has the day off school I think I will fill out a time off bank form and take the day off anyway. I have no class scheduled, and I really dont want to show up and sit around the office all day like I am now. I can do this at home, and it's warmer there.

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